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What are good ways to determine the presence of mercury and other heavy metals in the body? I'm thinking a less invasive, economical method (if that is possible) ... I know there are hair strand tests out there, but other than assumptions of the presence of mercury/metals, what other tests are out there that you recommend? Thanks!
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Hi Marielle,

Doctor's Data offers a urine toxic metals test and a fecal toxic metals test. The urine toxic metals test is one where you provide a pre-chelation urine sample. Then you take a chelating agent and collect more urine for a specific amount of time defined by your doctor and mail in another urine sample. They compare the pre and post samples to see what if any metals show up in your urine after you take the chelating agent. I assume the fecal toxic metals test works the same way.

You can call Doctor's Data or go to their website for more information but that is basically how the tests are run. I don't think they are very expensive. I just did the pre-test for my doctor and it was $60. I have not done the post-test yet.

Hope this helps...

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