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Hi Dawn,

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It sounds like you're in a super sensitive mode right now. Hopefully clearing the candida and healing any intestinal permeability it may have caused can help you increase your tolerance. 

If you cannot take the Caproyl, perhaps you could start with Phase  2. It's more broad spectrum so we usually suggest taking Phase 1 first - seems to be a bit milder. Just start with your dosage of GSE very gradually and only after you've adjusted to the diet.

Short term you can use the bentonite, psyllium and probiotic only.

SBX is not added in until Phase 3. By then your tolerance may be much higher. Barley and wheat grains have gluten in them. Barley and wheat grass is only a few days old and is pure nutrient without gluten. Usually only people who are highly allergic to the plant family are unable to use the grass powders, especially in the teensy amount they are found in the SBX formula.

I invite you to visit the welcome section of the forum for introductory information. And I'm here once a week to answer questions so please don't hesitate to ask more. Occasionally I pop in during the week too.

Take good care and let me know how I can help.


I took out my alcat results and it shows sensitivity to hops, not barly. High sensitivity to kale moderate sensitivity to oregano, cayenne pepper, safflower, cashews and Brazilian nuts as well. And to Bass and tilapia and my meets sensitivity are chicken and beef. Will these sensitivities decrease as I work through this program. Not to mention I have multiple sclerosis any help would be beneficial I would appreciate it greatly my fatigue is almost debilitating

Hi Dawn,

Allergies and food sensitivities are complex and I can't pretend to be able to simplify them for you. Here' an article on the topic that will help you understand the relationship between candida and food allergies.  

Because of the drain that candida overgrowth places on the immune system and the damage it can do to the digestive tract, CRC is often linked with food allergies. You can read about food allergies and candida  the food allergies post.

In some cases the problem with food allergies becomes severe and limiting and some may find their allergies increasing in number. This can be caused by the intestinal tract becoming damaged from the fungus and a resulting condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

If your allergies are steadily increasing, a four-day food therapy rotation plan could be considered as a way of preventing any more new allergies and potentially reducing reactivity to current ones. Otherwise, most people will find it too cumbersome to do so and will instead follow a modified rotation diet (a more casual way of taking breaks from specific foods to prevent overexposure). 

In the book section of the online store here you can find an excellent diet guide that helps you design your own rotation diet. It's by Sondra Lewis and is called Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy. Allergy and Candida Cooking

Also, here is a link to the Recipes for Recovery book and here is the link to the recipes section of the forum that can also be accessed under the Forums button drop down list at the top of any page on the forum. 

There are many different things that can cause fatigue. Hopefully, as you remove food intolerances and slowly, gently reduce your candida levels, your body will have a chance to wash out any candida related waste. Combined with your improved diet and stronger digestion, if candida is your main issue, you will start to feel stronger. I am going to post something on Die off so that you understand why I'm encouraging you to go slowly on the cleanse part of your program.

Again, please let me know if you need help with anything else. 

Take good care,


Thank you for inquiring Tarilee. I am still in the planning stage. With all my sensitivities trying to do a four day rotation is a bit tricky.  I do have one question. Does all veggies, like onions or garlic and spices have to be eaten only once on the 4 day rotations .  If  I have onion in morning with eggs..then I can't have it with same day dinner meal nor could I have onion in any food for the next three days. Is this correct?

Thank you so much,


Hi there,

If you have extreme sensitivities or increasing intolerances, you should rotate everything. If not, I would try modifying your rotation so it just rotates proteins and carbohydrates with attention to eating a variety of vegetables and not overdoing any one thing.

A rotation diet typically means you can eat the foods all day and then not for another four days.

Stay in touch about how you're doing or if you have any questions. Good luck!


Hi Dawnie,

It sounds like that is a sensible place to start for you. You want the rotation diet because you have so many intolerances but you want to have the sanest, most sensible approach too. If you have to get more careful, you'll know in a few weeks.

If you have Leaky Gut Syndrome, you'll want to make slow, long simmered bone broth soups to have on an empty stomach (cook grass fed, naturally raised beef bones 12+ hours with a touch of vinegar added to pull more out of the bones).Also, you may wish to look into this product. It's expensive but if you combined it with the above broth and a healing rotation diet, it may be worth it.

Keep up the great work and I wish you well over the first couple of weeks. They are always the hardest. Let me know if I can help. 

Take good care,


2 questions

1.I know the serving sizes but my question is how many meals or how many times a day do I get to eat.  When I think of a salad i think of a large bed of romaine and spinach. But it said only 1.5 cup of leafy greens. How much raw veggies can I put on the salad?

2.  And one more thing..sorry I feel like a pest .. if an avocado is considered a fruit then I shouldn't  make  avocado salad dressing because fruit has to be eaten alone. Is this correct? I am hoping you will say no because I don't like oil or vinager dressings😞

Thank you!!

Hi Dawnie,

Super logical questions. No worries at all. On the Whole Approach candida diet you can eat as many non starchy vegetables as you like. 

Avocado is a fruit but it's not sweet. It's mostly fat and is well digested with vegetables and dressings so do go ahead as you are inclined

Keep up the great work!


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