How long will it take me to recover from candida overgrowth

How long will it take me to get well?

Question:  How long does it take to get well from candida overgrowth?

This depends on the overall state of your health and the severity of your candida overgrowth when you begin. It also depends on how well you can honour your dietary, detoxification, environmental health, and emotional needs during your healing period. If you have not developed full-blown Candida Related Complex and you are coping with a mere overgrowth of candida in it’s immature, single-celled, intestinal form, you will be able to resolve your problems more quickly than if your candida issue has been present for an extended time. After a prolonged overgrowth candida is known to progress into a fungal form which is more challenging to treat .

Full blown candidiasis rarely comes on suddenly. In the case of candida overgrowth, the contributing factors are generally long term. They include: high stress, low nutrition, food additives, antibiotics  chemically treated water, chemicals in our indoor environment, and sugars and starches. The severity to which you are affected by candida overgrowth will depend on your constitutional strength and how many causative factors you are exposed to.

Your rate of recovery will likewise depend upon many variables. Your success in finding a healthy, hypo-allergic diet that is appropriate for you, the quality of your recovery supports, and your ability to manage stress and live/work in a healthy environment will also have some effect on your healing and candida detoxification process. The length of time you've had the condition will also affect this.

Clearing candida can come with additional positive consequences. In some cases, clearing out the candida allows the body to “get a grip” on other lingering conditions and profound healing experiences are possible. In other situations, you may have a health condition, (i.e. organ imbalance, nutritional deficiency, disease condition, toxicity issue etc) that slow your recovery from CRC. 

Please keep in mind that, once we learn how to manage the die off process and sort out diet sensitivities, the majority of people are able to feel freedom from many of their symptoms within a few weeks of following the program. This does not mean however that the problem is gone, more that they have found a way to treat it. (more details on "how long" further down)

Question: Is the Whole Approach program a treatment or a cure?

Great question. For some, when combined with all the supportive healthy lifestyle changes, it can change their health forever. But this does not mean it sets up a magical immunity to the causative factors. The Whole Approach protocol is a cure, if the condition is an unconscious, unhealthy, self- destructive lifestyle. People with very serious CRC problems sometimes require an intensive diet and lifestyle treatment approach for as long as two years and then continued self care to the extent necessary to prevent a reoccurrence. 

I encourage you to continuously strive towards the knowledge and skills that will empower you to become your own optimum, live-in health care practioner who is a specialist in your unique body/mind health requirements.

Question: How do I achieve a permanent recovery?

You will need to put more energy into your health in the early stages of your recovery while you negotiate the most severe stages of die off toxicity. A gentle, steady, and methodical approach to your lifestyle transition and your continued healing is the best way to help you achieve your goal and maintain it. Once you’ve passed through the initial transition period of adjusting to new foods and the process of negotiating with die off, there will be times where you can happily glide along.

At other times your path may have some unexpected twists and turns.  As you move through your lifestyle transitions and your program phases it is important to care for yourself in the best way you can by educating yourself as much as possible and by seeking additional supervision and support from other health care practioners if need be.

Most importantly however, you will learn to move through your healing more smoothly by maximizing your self-compassion and tolerance within. It’s helpful to remember that the process of diet transition is challenging for everyone and that it’s ok to ask for help and understanding. 

Eventually as you continue to offer yourself your very best health care and self care, you will notice symptoms disappearing and unexpected positive side benefits appearing. You’ll begin to reclaim your enjoyment of pleasures forgotten. Your mood and energy and health will become more reliable. You’ll look brighter and think more clearly and you’ll be able to sustain your health with less effort than when you were in the midst of treatment.

Question: How can some candida programs claim to heal in such short periods or without diet change?

We know there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to the true resolution of CRC. We also have great concern for your overall well being and the sustainability of any of the benefits that you achieve while on our program. It is this concern that is the cornerstone of the Whole Approach philosophy. Our approach acknowledges your need for a multi-faceted recovery program including: effective anti-fungal products, colon cleansing, food therapy, natural & safe nutritional supplementation, whole body detoxification, immune support and an emotionally healthy, self-compassionate attitude.

We want you to learn how to live a healthier life and how to STAY well. We also want to help you make the most out of your investment in your time and money so that your program has the optimum effects, the first time around. We realize that many of you have been on a treatment “merry-go-round” and have been searching for the cause of your suffering for a long time. Or maybe you’ve been attempting to treat candida with pharmaceutical products or incomplete methods that just haven’t worked for you. We understand the disappointment and frustration and the issues around the endless search for that elusive diagnosis.

We’re here to help you with the candida related issues that are contributing to your overall health challenges. We recognize how tough the journey to health can be and we know you need support along the way. It is for this reason that the Whole Approach forums were established. 

From your moderator, your fellow members and all the information posted on this website, YOU will learn how to take care of YOU in a way that is unique to your constitution, health challenges, lifestyle and personality. We want you to help you develop sustainable habits and concentration that will increase your ability to heal on a nutritional, chemical, physical, and emotional level.

Question:If I don't see improvements, what should I do?

Your score on the Whole Approach candida questionnaire is not intended to provide a "diagnosis" and it is up to you to seek out qualified health care support to determine the full cause of symptoms. Whether you have CRC or don't have CRC, this program will still represent a very healthy lifestyle change. 

Once you start the Whole Approach program, it is natural for you to feel impatient for results. However, the process of cleansing and healing takes time and you'll want to give yourself at least several weeks to work up to the full program and then to respond to it.

Unless you have established a healthy, hypo-allergenic food therapy approach for yourself and have been adhering carefully to both this AND your maximum product dosage for four full weeks, it is too soon to try to assess the effect that this program is likely to have on you.

If, after four full weeks following both the diet and the product protocol, your symptoms have not significantly improved nor signs of die off become evident, then you may wish to see a health professional who is well versed in candida related health problems. It is possible that candida is not the main health challenge that is causing your symptoms.

For more information on diagnosing candida, please see this thread: Diagnosing Candida

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