How long does my candida cleanse have to be?

Length of Program

Many aspects of our busy modern lives are unhealthy, not the least of which is how busy and stressed most of us are. It is usually a crisis like the impact that candida overgrowth can have on our body and mind, that triggers us to pay attention to our health. Nutritionally deficient diets, a high intake of sugar, starch, caffeine, genetically modified organisms, pesticides and food additives are all considered normal. 

Our health may be additionally challenged by quick fix anti-biotic treatments, chemically treated water, houses made from synthetic, chemically-treated building products, electro-pollution and more.

Many people have been on a "health destruction path" for many years and once the health crashes, significant health restoration time may be required. Depending on how severe the crash in health is, corrections in a number of areas of life may be required to achieve deep healing. If the issues are superficial and minor,  a shot term candida and colon cleanse and temporary diet restriction may be enough. There are many different conditions that will affect how long a healing program will be required.


Aspects that Influence Recovery Rate 

The following conditions will affect whether you recover slowly or quickly.

Duration and Severity of Illness

The length of time you’ve had the condition as well as the severity of your condition 

Other Health Challenges

Other related and unrelated health or toxicity issues  

Food Therapy Success

Your success in finding a healthy, hypo-allergic diet that is appropriate for you  

Environmental Health

Your air quality, noise exposure, and electromagnetic environment  

Emotional Health

Our "thought diets" and our mental/emotional states  

Healing Times

Our success managing a healing diet and navigating the die off symptoms 

It gets easier as you progress

The greatest amount of effort required, the  physical/practical/mental adjustments to the new diet and the worst of the die off all pass within the first few weeks.




If you don't see improvement...

Once you've established a healthy, hypo-allergenic food therapy and have been following both this AND the product protocol for four full weeks, and if you've learned how to modulate the die off symptoms and take the appropriate amount of product for you, you can expect to be aware of significant improvements in your health.

Your mood and energy and health will become more reliable. You’ll look brighter and think more clearly and you’ll be able to sustain your health with less effort than when you were in the midst of treatment.

If you do NOT feel better, it is possible that you may be feeling an increase in die off symptoms. This is caused by a temporary build up of toxins from the dying yeast. This can require that you be gentler with your cleanse (taking less anti-fungal). The post at this link offers some tips.

If it happens that you have accomplished this yet you feel no change either way, you may wish to consult with your physician to make sure there are not other problems at play. And of course if your symptoms are severe at any point in your cleanse, you should consult your physician.

If the program does not help you it is entirely  possible that candida is not the main health challenge that is causing your symptoms.

For more information on diagnosing candida, please see this thread

Take good care and happy healing.




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