How long do I have to change my diet for?

The duration of the impact of your candida program will depend on how gentle  and therapeutic your approach is to your condition.

A gentle program is far more supportive to meaningful levels of healing than a quick, aggressive approach at treating their candida overgrowth and then quit and go back to their old unhealthy ways.

In the case of  candida overgrowth naturally, the healthy digestive tract and vagina naturally inhibit this pathogenic yeast. However it can grow out of control more easily in some susceptible individuals than in other people.

The resilience of your new found health depend upon your individual susceptibility, your immune strength, your stress level, your other self care strategies and how effectively you cleanse your system of excess yeast and normalize your intestinal flora while you are on the program.

The CRC recovery process is not about the beginning of a life "sentence" but about the start of a wonderful journey toward enhanced quality of life, a greater connection with ourselves and with Nature.

You'll more than likely be able to go out and enjoy your "treats" now and again once you're well. And keep in mind that what you consider a "tasty treat", may change as your taste buds evolve to enjoy more nutrient rich foods.

Take good care of yourself and be patient.


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