how does candida cause these symptoms?

I'm wondering how candida causes so many different symptoms! I can understand how yeast can cause an itchy scalp, a UTI or a vaginal yeast infection, but how does it affect the body in so many ways?

For example, over the past month, I have been sleeping better than I have slept in 15 years -- how did the Candida diet do that? Also, I had ingrown hairs on my legs after shaving for 10 years, but now I don't. How did the diet do this??? I want to understand the mechanism, so that I can explain it to my relatives who are asking about my "crazy diet" and the results. Any ideas?

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Hi Lisa,

Eating a healing diet and easing candida levels can result in all kinds of wonderful healing.

Add better nutrition intake (and assimilation) to reduced intestinal toxicity, increased beneficial intestinal bacteria, elimination of inflammatory foods, increased awareness of your unique response to individual foods, avoidance of over-stimulation from sugar and caffeine, reduced intestinal and nervous system irritation, and overall immune boosting and health building from the magic of whole foods AND you get feeling better!

Ad this to the extra cleansing of the colon cleansing and anti-fungal products we use here in combination with the 'extra' products that further enhance health and you are building resilience and feeling better all the time.

Congratulations on all your progress!!!!


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