How to know if you're making progress on the program?


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A question I faced on the forum this morning inspired this post. We have guidance about how long the program is, how to manage die off, and even how to recognize a healing crisis but the question of how to know if I'm progressing is unique somewhat to all of these.
How to know if we're making progress with our health

It's important to have a framework for understanding the process of learning to observe, interpret (and adjust if necessary). You will be learning things about how your body responds to foods, products and other aspects of your environment and self care. As a start to helping you as you develop the related skills and knowledge, I recommend that you read the following threads.

Finding the right path   
In some cases, symptoms can be indicators of progress but it's important to do our best to learn how to tell the difference between symptoms that indicate we are getting better and symptoms that indicate we are getting worse. This investigation can be confusing. Even those most experienced with holistic self care struggle with at times. 
We work towards increasing clarity about the key differences in symptoms that indicate a need for change with symptoms that indicate a need for patience. To seek the right path we need to know whether we need more detoxification or less and whether we need more yeast killing or less and also, whether a change in product protocol or diet protocol is required. And we need to become familiar with making these adjustments according to how we feel.
Diet persistence or Diet adjustment?
It's important to be able to identify when a change in our diet makes us feel better or worse. And, if it makes us feel worse, is it because withdrawal from carbohydrates? It can take a while for the metabolism to adapt to healthy fats as a high quality energy source.
Or could there be allergies or intolerances involved? Could it be that even a well intentioned adjustment in our diet, (such as introducing a particular food), does not work for us.
Could we be detoxifying and perhaps rushing it somewhat. Do we need to minimize the demands on our body to flush toxins out or do we need to persist and just pass through the detox? 
With familiarity grows clarity
The way to earn clarity about  your process is to become as familiar as you can with your response to foods and to anti-fungals. The goal is not a paranoid or fearful approach to awareness but a methodical, calm and intuitive observation combined with healing intentions. 
As we navigate our growing self awareness and move towards recovery, the following posts  may prove helpful. I don't have simple formulaic answers but I hope this collection of posts will help you grow confidence in your process.

Die Off

Detoxification and the Whole Approach Canddia protocol 

Healing Event (healing crises).

Food Allergies and Candida  

Starting the program gradually (diet first, then product protocol)
Tips on filling in the questionnaire to quantify our progress

This post that offers some guidance on filling in the questionnaire. When we have chronic health issues that may or may not be affected by improvement in candida levels, it can  be confusing to know how to measure our progress using this tool. This tool is most helpful if we are consistent in how we use it. This post about using the quiz may offer some assistance.



Rushing to get to the next stage of the diet
The  diet stages are independent of the protocol phases and there is no rush nor need to advance to the next stage of the diet at any point. In fact, you can stay on the stage one therapeutic diet protocol for the entire program and, indefinitely if you like. 
For those of us with sensitive health, there can be great liberation through the utilization of the amazing power of food therapy. This may inspire a long term choice to remain on the Stage One diet once you find a customized version of it that works for you.
I hope this guidance is helpful to you.
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Thank you for that. I always think of that expression "It's the Food."  It was good to hear you say "This may inspire a long term choice to remain on the Stage One diet once you find a customized version of it that works for you."  That it was I have done and I have a lot of energy and for most part feel good. I work hard at it but it is routine to me now.  Also, plenty of water and good sleep. And of course, all the great products at Whole Approach like the new probiotics,Probium, Absorbaid digestive enzymes, Dr. Ron's products and many more.

Progress cam slowly but it came.


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