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Hi all,


I have just started the GSE a week ago.A few days after I began I had one of my regular chiropractic adjustments.I normaly have one every 4 weeks but due to hols etc hadn't had one for 8 weeks.I am 47 and haven't had a period for 4 years(apologies for blatant openness).During this time I have had my follicle stimulating hormone checked regularly and after 3 years the doctor told me I had "officialy",gone through the menopause.I never believed this and always knew it was due to something else,but didn't know what until the last few months.


Anyway 2 days after my adjustment and being on the GSE I had a period,it only lasted about half a day,along with the usual symptoms.This I find quite astonishing.I believe it shows that my hormones are trying to get back to normal.What does anyone else think?


One other thing this GSE extract is pretty powerful stuff.I started with one drop in morning and one at night,but the symptoms though slightly different to the ones with the caproyl were just too much.I am now just taking one in the morning.I had come out in tiny pin prick sized rash/spots all over the trunk of my body and it was spreading.I reckoned this was due to excess toxins being dumped in my skin,any thoughts?


A couple of good points to end on.My score is now 115 and it was 285 in Dec of last year!Also I am following an amygdala retraining programme which I believe is really helping.If it hadn't been for this site I would never have known of this type of treatment.


Thank you.

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Hi Celine,

I agree, I believe this web site saved my life! I, at only 43, also stopped getting my period while I was ill.  After about 6 months on the diet, half way into phase I with the caproyl and 3 sessions of acupuncture, my period also came back. Depending on where the candida can affect us physically, our hormone production can be thrown off. There are many ways our body produces hormones.  One of the glands that was affected on me from CRC was the hypothalamus. My body temperature was completely off, fatigue, sleep, etc. 

As for die off with the GSE, I went a little too strong at first on the caproyl actually, so I went real slow with the GSE.  I also found that the more I detoxed with teas and foods and the more pure I ate (wild caught, free range, organic everything, etc.) the better I was able to handle those issues. I drank 2 detox teas everyday faithfully!  Important to switch off to different teas also so your body does not build up tolerance. 

I scored a 287 on my first test.  I knew something was infecting my blood when I had a rheumatoid arthritis flare up on my hand and could not use my hand for 3 weeks, and went to the doctor's office with the 2nd staph infection on my leg and conjunctivitis in my eye.  His response was that I had to tell him what was infecting my blood so that he could test for that specific agent/bacteria/whatever. I handed over my page listing all 59 symptoms, but he just handed it back to me and said he could not help me. As did the rheumatologist who swore I had fibromyalgia.   Last time I took the CRC test, I scored below a 30.  But I still do not eat all normal foods.  I have no desire to. I learned the importance of being in tune with my body and listening to the signals, which you are doing so well. Keep up the great work. 

The bumps on the skin could also be an allergic reaction to something you ate. Make a note of that in your food diary, and when it happens again, go back and see if you can find a food that you eat when you have that reaction.  Even though foods are allowed or limited and you follow the diet, it does not mean you cannot have an allergic reaction. I had to rotate all my foods because of food allergies and leaky gut syndrome.  There is much to learn here, keep reading.  I came to this site and read something new everyday, and would keep reading the same things over and over because the brain fog had the best of me. lol.

This is a great support forum.  You are not alone! Have a terrific Tuesday!!




What is amygdala retraining programme?


I used to have multiple hormonal issues, too. I have very occasional flare-ups but now things are so much better. Started out with adrenal pain throughout my body. No longer have it. The "Conquering Yeast Infections" book from this site was a great way to get through the entire protocol. Does it talk about this program in the book?

Hi Little Mermaid,


If you search,"neuroplasticity and mind-body links",on this forum it will take you to Tarilee's page of lots of links about this.I was very sceptical about this but the fact that Tarilee said that it can work was good enough for me.I then looked into the available ones and opted for one based here in the uk.It cost me £200,which is not a lot for what I am getting from it and compared to the wasted money I have spent over the years on things which had nothing to do with what I have.I have approached it with an open mind and have seen some results,even though I am going through some very stressful events just now.


Hope this helps

Hi Celine,


Congratulations on all your improvements! That's fantastic that your candida symptom score has gone down from 285 to 115 much!


I'm glad you hear you're tackling your situation from the mind-body angle. Every thought we think from moment to moment is triggering a cascade of millions of chemical and physiological reactions. There are many ways to learn to train our moment to moment thoughts to ensure that we are actively using our mind to train our brain to heal our body.


And LM, so glad to hear that you continue to improve too! You guys are reaping the rewards of your hard work! 





Congratulation also on seeing the changes in your cycle. Ah, the mysteries and magic of a woman's body! That's big news after all this time that it returned. As you've noted in another post, there is an alternative to GSE for phase two  (oregano oil). Have a look in the protocol FAQ's for more information about this.







Thank you! Will do. I have been, just recently, trying to do what I call a "fast" from bad thoughts. If I start to have one, I try to go back to where it is coming from -- the root -- to deal with it. I've also found that when I listen to uplifting music, it's more difficult for a round of upsetting thoughts to come in. I do know that there is a big mind/body/spiritual connection that all needs to be addressed for better health.

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