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I hope you don't mind if I ask this. I have a tooth that's been drilled and filled since high school like for almost once every two years. So, unfortunately, the cavity has gotten deeper and deeper. It's now wobbly but when I was doing my research, a lot of people claim to have healed cavities. I don't want to get it drilled again, and people say that I should be asking a holistic dentist. The problem is, there are no holistic dentists in my city. It's a 6-hour drive.
Two months ago, I started juicing and my tooth started to develop an abscess. They say it's part of the detox process. Whatever impurities you have in your body, the body will try to expel it out via mucus or abscess. My tooth tooth ached so the dentist decided to remove my filling to let the tooth breathe. And to my surprise, I no longer was suffering from any pain at all for over a month.
Just last week, I went to another dentist to get my braces out and get retainers. That tooth with a cavity wasn't bothering me anymore (so I'm not sure if it's dead), and the dentist implied I should have it filled with temporary filling again. Then it happened again, the tooth ached for around two days and still shaking. Now it hurts if I eat something. Not as bad as it hurt 2 days ago but it's wobbly.
I was hoping to drive to the holistic dentist this week but, unfortunately, I now have fever and tonsillitis so I could not travel. My question is, do you think this tooth can wait until I no longer have fever and could visit the holistic dentist, or do you think I should have it extracted now? I'm worried that the tooth may be causing this illness. Sorry, I don't mean to get free consultation over the internet. My family and I really intend to go there, since he's the nearest holistic dentist I found online. I would have it checked now if only I could. 
Thanks for any advice,
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Hi Sarah,


It sounds like you're thinking carefully through your healthcare choices and looking for a practitioner you can trust. Biological or holistic dentists are fairly new on the scene and there is no agreed upon definition, standard or certification that I know of that indicates the additional training a dentist has taken to qualify them as 'biological.' To make the selection, I'd advise you ask around about this quandry so you can better assess the one you go to.


I know nothing about removing a filling from an abscessed tooth to let it breath nor of the wisdom of filling it temporarily. I imagine the dentists have a range of opinions about this so it doesn't make your decision easier. We do not provide any kind of medical advice here, sorry.


You need to be sure you don' t have an infection and, that if you decide to wait on the filling, that it does not put your tooth or immune system at risk. Tonsillitis and shaking? It sounds like you're in a weakened state so your decisions need to be taken with extra care. Do you mean YOU are shaking or your tooth is? If it's you, this sounds like you need medical attention immediately.


To find a dentist you can trust you might phone around to well known naturopathic clinics and ask at health food stores as well. Then you can at least start with them and ask them for as much clarification about their approach and why they call themselves biological as possible. 


I don't envy you the search and I have waded into the world of dentistry when I or loved ones have needed care. It is a complex and evolving field to understand.


All the best,




PS Keep in mind the massive effect that your second dentist's opinion can have on you. If you are not in a medical emergency, you might look up EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you with the pain while you do what is necessary to decide what your next step is. 

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