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Hi I’m a type 1 surgically induced diabetic having had my pancreas removed. I’ve been on the program a few months. I’m having issues with very high blood sugars since doing the program and am so puzzled and frustrated. You’d think removing sugar and processed food would make things better. The last couple weeks have not been good. I’m curious if you are aware if any of your products could cause this issue? Curious on the phase 1 products, kolorex and GSE. I’ve seen great results in the candida but I cannot have my blood sugars as high as they have been. Appreciate your help.

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Hi BikerBlue,

I'm so surprised to hear of your response to the diet change and products. I'm only aware of the opposite (and expected) result. 

Could you be having an allergy or intolerance to psyllium or to any of the foods you've been eating? I wonder if the spike in blood sugar could be caused by such a reaction or, perhaps, an intolerant reaction to the products, or even to the mycotoxins released when the products kill the yeast off?

If this could be the case, I wonder if your blood sugar would stabilize if you backed off on the anti-fungal? What would happen if you remove the anti-fungal and just use the Bentonite and Psyllium blend for a week?

Are you using just the Attogram brand Bentonite and Psyllium?

Perhaps you can do a bit of careful experimenting, (measuring your bloodsugar carefully and tracking everything you eat or consume). 

I'm curious to see what your explorations reveal. Please do get back to me with an update. Thanks and good luck!


Hi Tarilee, I'm actually doing much better with my blood sugars.  They stayed high until a few weeks after I stopped the protocol so I definitely think one or two of the products must of been triggering my highs.  I'm scared to go back on anything at this point.  I never had to use insulin until I started the program after a few weeks and now I'm doing well again.  My highs were going into the 300s and I've never had that problem and if I did go into the 200s it would dry quickly thereafter where with this I was up high and then staying high which was really scaring me.

I was on the first phase and then had added in some GSE.  I did look up the products to see if there was anything mentioning high blood sugars but I didn't see anything.  I know I am a special case with my islets working in my liver so I do function a bit differently.  I know I was definitely having die-off but this lasted well up to a month almost after being off the products.  

It was disappointing because I've always had such great success with the products but hadn't used them since I've had my pancreas removed.  

I've been wondering how you've been doing. I wonder if the herxheimer reaction (die off) was triggering a stressed state and increasing your levels? Did you have any days where  you used just the psyllium and Bentonite without any anti-fungal? Were you able to talk with your doctor about why you might be reacting this way?

Thanks for letting me know. 


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