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I have a relative who is in the hospital that has Crohn's disease. I know she's been on antibiotics for many years and am pretty sure part of her problem is candida. She entered the hospital because of low weight and to get some intravenous feeding, I believe. She also has had fistulas on her colon and had one of them removed by surgery during the hospitalization. She now has fallen unconscious and unresponse for several days. Her ammonia levels are extremely high and has had several different specialists looking at her and no one can determine what is causing the high ammonia levels and the unconsiousness.

I know you're not a M.D., but was wondering if the high ammonia levels could be putrefication/toxins from the colon and what could help her at this point that they aren't doing?

Thanks for your help.
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Hi Catwild,

I am so sorry to hear about your relative. That must have been such a horrible surprise having her become so sick after the surgery.

I'm not sure if I understood you right. Did you imply that she had surgery to take out some intestinal cysts and then became unconscious and toxic with ammonia?

If this is so, I can give you my unqualified observation. Sometimes taking the aggressive approach of interfering with our body's own healing strategies (like the development of pockets of poison or fistulas in our intestinal tract), can cause a whole lot more trouble.

This is especially the case when built up toxins are involved. I'm not sure how they would have approach her surgery but I can't help but wonder, when they removed the fistula, how careful were they with the waste material and how could they stop it from being leaking/absorbed through the intestinal tract during and after the surgery?

If she has had intestinal disease for a long time, she may also have developed high populations of parasites because a weak system is prone to parasites. One of the major by-products of parasite metabolism is ammonia so yes I could see a connection there. However I am not a doctor and do not know pathology so I don't know other potential causes of ammonia build up.

If it was simply due to wastes in the intestines, they may be able to do some extensive yet very gentle colon irrigation with enemas. I would think that they would have to be very careful not to use too much water pressure.

If you are close to this person and your instinct about this is strong, you may wish to speak up and insist that they hear you. I she is unresponsive; I guess you want to act quickly. Ammonia can can cause brain damage.

My heart and hope go out to you and your relative and I'm sure you'll have the prayers of all our members on your side also.

All the best.

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Hi Catwild,

What you say is definitely still congruent with my theory. But please keep in mind, as I said, that my opinion is a very unqualified opinion in this case.

Orally (through a tube), there may be something they could do to cleanse the blood with herbs or to cleanse the intestinal tract with clay etc. but hospitals that employ such tactics or will allow naturopathic doctors to come in and do so, are few are far between.

You really couldn't do anything without a highly qualified naturopathic doctor or holistic MD who was comfortable experimenting based on theories. And of course they very well may have different theories from the one I presented here.

Doing nothing must feel terrible. I hope you can find someone to help.

All the best.
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