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Last night I took my first dose of the Thorne MetaFem product. It is an overall nutritional supplement for women over 40. It has all the basic nutrients in it plus some herbs for hormone balance (dong quai and wild yam). I took them with my dinner consisting of beef, green beans and cabbage. About half hour later I felt fatigued. I didn't think it was the meal as I eat that all the time without problems.

I am on day 18 of my cycle too so progesterone is rising at this time. I really doubt the supplement caused the problem but it is the only new thing and it was my first dose. I took 4 capsules (recommended dose is 8 per day).

I am having a LOT of trouble with perimenopause and I am trying to find something herbal to help me rather than HRT due to my CRC. Does anyone see any problem with dong quai or wild yam? They are often used to balance hormones.

Thanks !
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It might be worth noting also that the night before I had pork for dinner for the first time in a LONG time and I felt sick after it. I wonder if I was having a reaction to that and it had nothing to do with the supplements.

I generally don't do well with pork and eat it very rarely.

Hi Mary,

I so appreciate your methodical experiments with new supports for your health and new strategies with your diet. I wonder if this is just too strong for you? Everything you have told me since I've 'known' you here indicates that your system is very sensitive. It may be that you would need a much lower dosage of hormone support or that something that does not go through the digestive system might work in a more harmonious way for you. Check out the Moonmaid creams online. Maybe one of them could provide some gentle guidance for your body.

Here's some information from MoonMaid:

"The cream is designed to function "as an herbal alternative to progesterone creams." The exact "pathway" or "how' it functions is somewhat a mystery.....as it is with many many herbs. It would be used in varying degrees of consistency depending on the woman's age, symptoms and desired results. The good news is you can use it everyday with no fear of toxicity that you might experience with progesterone or bio identical creams. No need to use it when menstruating. If you'd like to have this customer call me that would be fine."

Cynthia Johnston



Maybe you'd like to give her a call Mary? I hope you find some gentle support that works well for you.

Take good care,


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