Saint Francis Herb Farm products for whole body candida support

The Whole Approach store provides a selection of excellent products from St Francis Herb Farm in Canada - made with top quality herbs.

Included in this product line up are the following effective products:

Astragalus Combo – a deep immune tonic, excellent complement to the SBX and the candida purge products. Deep Immune Tincture or Capsules

Echinaseal– a powerful herbal “antibiotic” to fight bacterial and viral infections, a must for any medicine cabinet. EchinaSeal Infection Fighting Tincture

Hepato – a wonderful liver cleanser and protectant. Hepato 

Canadian Bitters – top rate digestive stimulant, excellent for boosting sluggish digestion, slow elimination and also helpful as a remedy for indigestion or discomfort due to overeating. This product complements Absorb Aide’s effectiveness wonderfully. Canadian Bitters

You can find the product monographs in the online store under the individual product listings. For most of them you'll need to click on "for more details" to see the complete write up.

Organum Oregano Oil Concentrate - Oreganum

Red Clover Salve - Red clover salve

Calendula Zinc Cream - Calendula zinc cream

Ten Reasons to Choose Saint Francis Herb Farm Products

1- St. Francis Herb Farm Inc. (SFHF) has been serving the needs of Canadians for 17 years.

2- SFHF was one of the first herbal companies using only Certified Organic, Organic and Wildcrafted herbs.

3- SFHF understands their work – experienced in the wildcrafting, Certified Organically growing, harvesting, drying, processing and guiding the quality through to the finished product.

4- SFHF works with Naturopathic Doctors who specialize in Herbal Medicine.

5- SFHF products are high quality

6- SFHF products are cost effective

7 - SFHF specializes in liquid extracts which do not use heat to concentrate the products as some extraction processes do.

8 - SFHF products are clinically tested.

9 - SFHF products are NOT standardized to a certain active ingredient or a group of certain active ingredients. Standardization concentrates on only a small number of active ingredients rather than the whole herb where all of the active ingredients are kept in the ration intended for that herb.

10 - SFHF formulae, such as Astragalus Combo (and others) were formulated decades ago. These tried and true formulations will be most useful for many years to come.

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