Helping loved ones understand

Help your loved ones understand candida

It is possible that important people in your life might not understand what you think is happening in your body or why you are changing your lifestyle in order to resolve it. Though not essential to our success it can be easier for us to pursue a path if our loved ones understand it and will support us on it.


Some forum members find that sharing some of the resources from the site can be an effective means of informing friends and family about Candida Related Complex. But take comfort in the truth that even if your friends and family are not interested in learning more about candida or if they are skeptical or unsupportive, this forum was created so that you can find the support you need to help you get better. Most members fine it helpful to regularly check in to read the postings from fellow members, especially when feeling the need for support.


Helping others understand


To inspire your partner or family towards understanding your situation with a post by the very loving partner of one of our past members:
To all loving partners and family members....


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