Heavy Metals in Contrast Solution for CT Scan?

Hi everyone, it's been almost 6 years since I started on my journey to get well, get healthy, and feel goode. I spent one whole year being 100% devoted to my really strict diet. It really took about 2+ years to feel really good, but since then I've been great and eating well, about 90-95% of the time. However, three years during a trip to the ER for abdominal pain and other symptoms, they did a CT scan and found a tumor. It was removed later that year and one year later I had another CT scan to confirm it hadn't regrown, and the scan showed I was all clean. However, recently, about 17+ days ago, I started having some symptoms (abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness, headache, bloating, gas, high blood pressure, pressure behind my eyes, trouble focusing). It was originally mostly G.I. issues, and because the stomach flu was rampant where I work and in my children's school, I figured I was coming down with the norovirus. But then it went into a second week and got worse. So I went to my doctor and he wants me to get a CT scan to rule out it isn't the tumor regrowing. It's now into the third week and because no virus I know of contains all these symptoms and my tumor never exhibited signs of pain (my original pain was coincidental and most likely heavy metal detox, which is lucky, otherwise I would have never gone to the ER and gotten the scan!), I'm seriously thinking this is heavy metal detox. But I want to be certain I do not have the tumor regrowing so I'm going to get the scan, but how bad is drinking the contrast fluid? Does it contain heavy metals?

I've felt so good for years, no symptoms (from my original candida), but if I spent most of my life 30+ years abusing my body with horrible food and other behaviors, is it possible that nearly 6 years later I am heavy metal detoxing?

Where do I start to fix this? I ordered the bentonite/psyllium/caproyll. I also contacted my ND/MD again. Do I just start taking the DMSA?



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Hi Just Joe,

The forum is no longer moderated. I just happened to see this. I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. You must be really worried.

Tumours in the gut could cause different symptoms at different times depending on precisely where they are. That's not to say there aren't also many other possible explanations for your unusual set of symptoms.

I would be surprised if you were just suddenly detoxing without having taken on some sort of extreme cleanse. Metals are easier to get into us than out.

 There are many invisible sources of metal toxicity so it's a bit hard to try to trace your risk by looking at possible exposures. CAT scans, could be but so many other sources  too. And metals are a drag if they are in the CAT but to date, they are still a necessity for diagnosis.

If you DO have high metal levels ( you can test this), then you will want to see a Naturopathic Doctor about reducing them. Some heavy metal treatments, like IV chelation, can have consequences for some people so do your research and choose carefully for you.

I will send you healing thoughts and hope that you can get the medical and/or naturopathic advice that will see you through this uncertain time. 

I wish you the very best,


Oh boy, I did some investigation into chelation and it is extremely expensive and may have other serious consequences. I've reached out to my original MD/ND and haven't heard back. I wish I knew what to do. I've read that even some NDs will skew the results in order to get the business, since it may turn into thousands of dollars. I know my primary care physician won't at all be into any sort of "non-traditional" therapy. But if my CT scan is clean, I'm left not knowing what is going on. My bloodwork and urine were clean, although I realize they aren't testing for heavy metals. It can't be a virus, since no virus I know of does this. When I felt like this 3 years ago, they did a colonoscopy and found nothing, nada, zilch. All was as it should be.

But you're right, I have not done any sort of extreme detoxing lately and in fact, over Christmas, I ate fairly poorly, but then got right back to eating well. Maybe it's possible this is just a normal detox?

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