"Health Nuts?"

Wow, eight minutes. Ashley is a master organizer and way more disciplined than I think I am!

I can do twelve minutes maybe, if I've been taking care to keep salad greens and veggies washed, biscuit batter made up and frozen, dressings made up and frozen in small batches, beans cooked and so on! Eight minutes sounds fabulous!

I'm glad you enjoyed this Gay. Thanks for telling me! It's a bit lonely around here this week. It's so nice to see your smiley face on here. It makes it very pleasant to come to work! Smile

Take good care,

you know I am new again to all of this, and this is pretty much my third go around, but I just wanted to say how much I love this forum. I went on a diet similar to the WA diet plan about 14 years ago when I was in college. I was 20. I took dance classes, spent hours in the pool, lost TONS of weight even though I kept long hours (school, work then FUN!!)Not much sleep. When I told my mum last week that I was going back on this program again she was so happy because she said that when I ate like this and followed this type of program I was so healthy and energetic. My gramma is on board too. My husband is wondering though if I will really stick with it this time around, because I have bounced around different diets and ideas for years. But I love this forum and program because you all inspire me and put a smile on my face. Thanks for being there!Smile
Hi Te-Rangi,

This is a great forum. Even after 2.5 years, I need to check in to stay on track.

It is hard to stick to a diet that's so different than the norm in the US. And I find, in some ways, it's even harder as I add new foods in. I don't feel as good, but it's hard to go back to the stage 1 diet totally for me.

So nice your grandma is into it too. My husband is very supportive. A little skeptical at first, but now he's very helpful.

Hope you have continued success. It's amazing how much we can control how well we feel, just by making good choices. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Let us know how you're doing!

Thanks GayAnn I will. I am hoping to get started this coming week for real. I know it's the holiday season and all my favorite treats will be surrounding me. I loved the most recent newsletter with the cookie recipes so I will be doing a TON of baking!

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