"Health Nuts?"

Hello everyone,

Here is post from a thread started many years ago by a veteran member named Jan Durand. She Jan raised an interesting point when she commented that most people on this site, though perhaps deeply into health at this time, have not always been that way.
A bunch of health nuts?

Jan made me realize how true it is that some newcomers may see the Whole Approach forum "crew" as a bunch of extreme “healthnuts”. This when so many of our members have spent much of their lives living unhealthy lives. Truly many people here started on board with habits of sugary soda pop, fast foods, packaged junk food and deserts and mega doses of sugar and food additives in their diets.  Some of these same people have found great  empowerment and self actualization through in their new ways and are, as a result, are now very passionate about them. 

I think that Jan displayed profound perspective in her comments. She was also kindly empathetic in her concern for those just newly considering the ideas expressed here. Jan's point was that it may be reassuring newcomers that most of our forum members can relate to how different their health passions may seem from where ever people may be coming from. 

Once they've stuck around for a bit, our loyal members realize that this program is not about a form of nuttiness.  Rather, it’s about learning a healthier way of living in order to achieve a full recovery and it's about reclaiming our quality of life and our control over our health.


Change is possible for anyone

So many people on our forum now and in the past weren't always excitable when it came to new ways of making a healthy food tasty or a a gluten free muffin stick together. And, they were far from health fanatics when they came on board.

Relating to others

Those who might count themselves among the already 'converted' (to health enthusiasts) endured some growing pains as they changed their lifestyles and diet. Many experience a temporary alienation of friends and family in the process. It's strange but even though we're transitioning to a whole foods and natural products healing program, it seems UNnatural to many.


Here we can make the distinction between natural and normal and between normal and conditioned. It's natural for us to eat foods that are naturally produced and minimally processed. As the 'Green' Revolution that took us towards agrochemical farming norms, and as corporate food processors began supplying convenience food to our busy families, we have become conditioned to think that chemical mega-farms and packaged, processed foods are normal.


Nutritional Evangelism

An explanation of your struggle with yeast, candida, CRC, Candidiasis etc to people in your life a requires care and thoughtfulness and, in many situations, may be best avoided. If you have to say something, a simple explanation that you have some  digestive and allergy problems and need to choose your foods very carefully will likely be enough for most people. 


Almost inevitable, for us once we start feeling the benefits of our diet changes, is a of what I call “nutritional evangelism”. This is when we each become a “born again nutritionist”. If you find yourself in this role, I recommend you take a deep breath and do your best to pause and consider the wisdom of focusing on your own healing rather than trying to change others.
Hint- the glazed look that come over a person's eyes as they shut their minds off to “too much information” is a good cue that you may have over-shared  
If you continue speaking too strongly against the way they themselves likely think about food, you run the risk of being labelled “paranoid” or “kooky”. When our awareness is at a level greater than those around us, we need to learn to be artful about sharing information in a way that others can relate to so they are not repelled. As long as we are not seeking agreement with what are our own personal decisions/choices are, then we can probably resist getting entwined in an effort to sway the minds of others. 

Sharing in small bites 

If you know someone very well and if you feel they will listen with authentic concern and a non judgemental mind,  you might want to tell them what you've been exploring. Still it's usually best to try to give short, summarized 'sound bytes' and allow them to ask questions rather than overwhelm them with information.This is easier said than done.


Leading by healthy example
Even your dearest loved ones may have some trouble adjusting to your new interests, passions and preferences. It will no doubt challenge them to some degree practically (as they try to figure out if they should worry about you and how they can feed you with your new choices), and perhaps philosophically as well.
Keep in mind that they do not have your symptoms and so are not motivated to change the way they eat in the same way you are. Likewise, they may not be as excited by the things you learn about food as you are. They will likely have a limit to the amount of information they want to hear about food.

As we experience our own personal health revelations, it can be very tempting to want to change those around us, especially those we care about deeply.  All we can really do to influence others is to quietly, confidently change in front of them and hopefully our success will provide a positive model. We can only come to realizations about our health care and diet when the time is right for us. As most of you have already realized, making changes in diet is one of the most intimidating lifestyle improvements we can take on. 

If you need like-minded comrades to talk through your discoveries and mysteries with, you can come to the Whole Approach forum. 

We'll be here
To those who are ready for the true, deep commitment that it takes to pursue lasting health, your forum friends are here share your  experiences and inspirations with.  Jan, thanks for reminding us to that everyone is at a different place of awareness as they visit or join us here on the forum. 
Each of us will start when they are ready and from where we are at.

Walking with you on your path to health,

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Hey Tarilee,

That was a great post...another one of those that maybe should go in a permanent place..where all newbies or browser's are looking. Yes

I gave you a 5 for this one! elephant

jan Cool

ha..i just reread this, sounds like i'm being the forum "ratings team"! i didn't mean it that way.... No
You two are just too funny! Thanks for the belly laugh!!!!


Thanks! Hey, you can rate me or cheer for me any day! You've always been an awesome supporter and you've helped so much to make my job so much more easy AND pleasurable! I could maybe put that post in the Candida Related Complex FAQ's, but what would I call it? Say, "Are you guys all a bunch of health nuts or something?" or maybe "Change yourself and don't worry about changing the world?" Ok, tell you what...as soon as I/ or we come up with a subject line for this one, we'll set it up as a permanent post.

And Jennelle,

I hope your vacation was excellent! And thank YOU for the five! Oh yes, and “yep – been there, done that”…the “wasting my breath” thing. How do you think I figured it out?! And I’ve watched many, many others do exactly the same thing….even sometimes to ME! Hee hee! It’s really funny when that happens and sometimes I just listen, just to see how far they will push even when I am offering some agreement. We’re funny creatures us people but at least in the case of those of us who want to change the world, we’re passionate about something. Without passion and without dreams we lack a purpose in life.

So about a name for the post????? Maybe I’m just not feeling very creative here, or may I’m just pretty sure that you guys can come up with a better name than I can. Your suggestions are appreciated!

Cheers team!


I would just call it "We Are Not Health Nuts". That should draw some attention! Yes

Vacation was good. I posted my return on the "vacation" thread. Jan, I can't believe you missed it as much as you are on here! Razz

I have a 2-year-old here screaming at me "I want to take a bath!"... "Mommy! I want to take a bath!" (Sigh.) Rolleyes

So I have to go or lose my mind,
I like that Jenelle. Thanks a lot. Smile

I'll wait to see if we've got some more suggestions and then maybe try to combine the ideas raised if it seems appropriate. I think your headline is a very effective one and it will get some attention. I'm going to give this a few more days since the forum has been quiet lately and once I've seen the other feedback, I'll decide on a final subject line and then post it up in the FAQ section.

Cheers to creative thinking and thought-provoking, click-stimulating-headlines. Wink

How about:

"What is a Health Nut?"

Maybe I was wrong to say "We are not Health Nuts". Maybe we are. But that isn't a bad thing, you know! My guess is that whoever made up this phrase, "health nut", was trying to make themselves feel better about their way of living by making fun of ours. Wink
Hi guys,
It seems like whenever a person becomes engrossed in something that the rest of the population doesn't understand they are called 'nuts' or 'freaks.' I think what we want to do here is 'dispel the myth' behind the term 'health nut.' Fact is we are 'health nuts' so to speak, but it's the definition of this word that folks need to gain understanding into. If they all had ears to hear, and knew what we've learned, I'm sure they'd board the health nut train themselves! :0)
I like "What is A Health Nut" or how about "Health Nuts Demystified" only we'd need a better sounding word than 'demystified."
Happy creativity everybody, -joejoe
Great points guys.

How about this?

Are we all healthnuts?

Sub heading:
Healthnuts?... nutritional evangelists?...or just regular folks on a quest for quality of life?

Feel free to continue to add your ideas, I am totally open to new ideas here. I think this this discussion represents a very important sharing that may encourage newcomers to visualize their new, healthier lives.

Thanks for continuing to add your input here.


Hi Tari-Lee,
I like your first one "Are we all health nuts?" You could use that in the title, and then the question below "are we all health nuts or..." could be your theme on which you expand, and base your thoughts around, like incorporating this into what you've already written?
-tc, joejoe
What about something like...

health nutz VS. health consciense....but another word instead of vs. (ha..like joe joe said)

Or Wat is the difference between an health nut or being health "consciense"? but that's not very catchy is it?

oh well.... Smile we'll keep thinking...

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