Having problems with mercury amalgam fillings..

I visited Dr. Wolch a holistic dents in Scarborough having probs with tooth ache.. and doc suggested to have fillings removed and have bio materials replace .. can any one tell will there any problem with  bio materials..


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Hi Jakz,


There are many bio materials. Some will be more compatible with your biochemistry than others. It's a good idea to explore some testing to see which ones will be best for you. Red Paw Data services provides this testing near you I believe as does Dr and Lucinda Korman (unlicensed past MD)  in Sharon, Ontario. I cannot provide an official referral nor endorse their work. I've not seen either of these folks in years but they used to do very good work.


I'd look for a dentist who uses the full dental dam, oxygen, strong suction, chlorella paste and electrical charge testing to decide which ones to pull out first. There is a good Dr in Toronto I used to know, Gary Fortinsky. Again, just information for you to check out. Take care and good luck with this.



Thank you for posting this information.  I began looking into this a couple of weeks ago.  I had some of my fillings replaced about 5 years ago, but my dentist retired.  I still have many more to go. Tarilee, do you happen to have any contact recommendations for the South Florida area? Or can you suggest what I should look for in finding a dentist? What do you mean by strong suction? Full dental dam? I had two bad dentists in the past few years and my oh my, did I regret that! Any contact or names or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks. Happy Sunday. 


Hi Barbie,


You want someone with attention to detail who is fastidious, and very health aware. The above information will help you find the right dentist but please also see the recommendations for finding a holistic dentist. It's in this section- the dental info section.


Sorry, I don't have any referrals. I just happened to know those folks as I used to live in Toronto.


Take care,



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