Has anyone had a root canal reversed?


just wondering what the options are here? Having the mercury removed from my root canalled tooth next week and replaced with composite but I may just use this as a temporary measure in that I might have something more fundamental done to this tooth to address the fact that it's root canalled.

What are the options? Just remove the tooth? I would need a false tooth in it's place because it is visible when I smile. I would imagine this would cost a fortune...and is there metal in these false teeth to anchor them?

Any info appreciated


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Hi Paul
I had this dilema a few weeks ago as i needed a root canal- i couldnt have the tooth removed as i have a double gap opposite, on the top of my mouth and you cant have two gaps opposite each other- , then you run the risk of the teeth becoming lopsided and slanting- with out the other teeth for support. I didnt like the idea of a root canal but i didnt want the expense of a titanium implant which often needs replacing in old age. My partner has all titanium implants due to a calcium deficientcy at birth and he has to be really really careful about bacteria destroying them. I read that root canals are bad but i figured that one shouldnt be too bad- mine cost close to $1800 AU-eekk- acid reflux has badly affected my teeth. I think there are so many things in the environemnt that can compromise your immune system- sitting in front of computers and mobile phone on a daily basis i think is alot worse than a root canal.
Hi Paul,

I have a tooth that was filled with a mercury amalgam quite some time ago. The dentist that did the procedure said then that she probably should be doing a root canal, but was going to try to fill it anyway.

Several years later, the filling fell out and I of course "ate" it . . . due to my irrational fear of dentists, I let it go for about two years, but am now going to a new holistic dentist. He suggested I get a porcelain onlay that will cover the entire decayed area. His explanation to me was that he won't have to drill out any of the tooth; it just covers what is damaged and provides support to the tooth structure that is still there.
Thanks for the replies guys. I was at my dentist today. He took another X ray specifically of the root of the root canalled tooth. While he would be of the opinion that it is better to have any tooth out if possible instead of having a root canal he said that there is no sign of any obvious infection in mine and he is not overly concerned. I know myself that there is no such thing as a good root canal though so I asked him what my options were. Today he removed the amalgam filling from this tooth along with 2 others and replaced them with composite. Once all my amalgams are out (1 to go) then I am going to see how I feel after some detox. Maybe a little down the road he suggested if I wanted I could have a bridge...basically this is a porcelain tooth which would be anchored to the tooth next to it. In his opinion I am best to avoid implants (most are titanium) unless its a ceramic implant which are really expensive (€2000-3000 for 1 tooth). The bridge would cost around €1000.

Anyway lets see what happens. I think the important thing first is to get the mercury out.

Auraeyah - I hear you. There ARE so many different things that can compromise us. The way I see it...I will only consider having the root canalled tooth removed if following removal of my 7 amalgams and a body tissue mercury detox I dont feel better. But I have a good feeling that I will :-)

Minniemom - will he drill out the decayed area or just cover it over? Could this not harbour bacteria? Im no dentist but just wondered about this??

Hi Paul
It sounds like you have a wonderful dentist- you are so lucky and i think you are so brave to go through with such an ordeal.
My root canal is in the part way stages- all porcelain with a bridge coming to reduce any possible infection. I had an alternative practioner muscle test me and he said I had mercury toxicity in my system from a leaky amalgam- i have two amalgams.My dentist had a look and said it was fine and talked to me about the dangers of removing amalgam becasue of the fumes and said unless i was 100% sure that it was the amalgams making me unwell the risk was very high and could make me worse- i was put off you see. However, the thought still dwindles and i am actually going to go to Australia's top microbiologist where he can test for everything- i need some closure and proper results. I hope you feel better from all your teeth being sorted out- it will inspire others
Paul - I don't know if you are familar with oil-pulling. This is something that I do for both oral health and detox and have found it to be very beneficial

There are too good websites with information about this:



This might be something for you to consider.


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