Just made this today for lunch. I was tired of plain hamburger and lettuce. Makes 2 hamburgers.

For those who can have applesauce...

1 lb ground beef or turkey
2 tsp ginger
2 tbs organic applesauce
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs lecithin (non GMO)
some olive oil
little bit of cayenne pepper
little bit of sea salt
romaine lettuce

I don't use garlic or onion because I'm allergic, though onion would probably go good with it.

Make the hamburgers, cook them on a olive oil covered skillet on each side until brown, but not too long because it should cook with the applesauce on it. Throw in the spices while cooking. Add a spponful of applesauce on each burger and cook another couple minutes. I don't know whether lecithin loses it's good properties if you cook it, so it may be a good idea not to add while it's cooking. So, after the hamburgers are cooked, add the lecithin and cinnamon and that's it.. I serve it to myself with romaine lettuce on the side.
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