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Hello all, I live in Europe. Due to recent restrictions regarding over-the-counter chemicals, the highest legal food grade hydrogen peroxide available to purchase is 12%. I'm doing a lot of research regarding dosage. According to "The One-Minute Cure" and all other resources, the ideal "curing" dosage to build up to is 25 drops, 3x a day.

Now here is where I need a little help. My basic approach to this is 12% x 3 = 36% so I am guessing that multiplying all factors by 3 will match the generally agreed upon dosages. Thus, my goal should be 75 drops, 3x daily, of 12% food grade H2O2. Does this make sense or am I missing something in my reverse dilution mathematics?

I ask, because I have just recently started, 4 days ago with 6 drops, 3x a day (which would equal only 2 drops, 3x a day of 35%) and it's already kicking my butt. I'm exhausted, my mouth tastes like bleach all day long, I have no appetite, I can't sleep at night... I'm not even "on the board" yet but I can't imagine 75 drops of this stuff. Any and all advice welcome!

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Hello Searching,

Welcome to the Whole Approach candida forum. 

I think the use of peroxide internally is quite aggressive and can do harm. It also tastes horrible as you say. I do not personally like the idea of it at all.

I invite you to have a look at our welcome pages to learn about the program and products recommended here. Our forum is here to support our members through the diet and product protocol recommended.

Here is a link where you can learn about the candida cleanse product protocol we have here.

I'm normally here on Monday's and Thursdays to answer questions. Please let me know if I can help you.

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Hello Tarilee and thank you so much for the feedback. I appreciate your view, however I am going to try the H2O2 regimen for a bit and see what comes. In truth, I'm not looking for healing advice, I'm actually looking for math help

That said, I believe I have answered my own question and I will share it here for the next euro oxygen seeker:

General internet research tells me that one liquid drop is defined as 0.05 mL.

36% dilution inside 0.05 mL will contain 0.01800 solute (or 'pure' H202 in this case)

12% dilution inside 0.05 mL will contain 0.00600 solute (or 'pure' H202 in this case)

and therefore

36% dilution inside 0.15 mL (3 drops) will contain 0.01800 solute (or 'pure' H202 in this case)

So using 3 drops of 12% for every 1 drop of 35% in the generally-accepted dosage charts (One-Minute Cure etc) will come out the same in the end (with a marginal difference of 0.0005 solute in 36% compared to 35% commonly found in the U.S.)

If you don't trust my math, feel free to work your own magic. I found this site very helpful: (physiology web)

By this logic, you can multiply your 3% or 6% appropriately. However, it is vital, of course that one use FOOD GRADE H2O2, in my non-medical-advice-giving opinion. I'm currently on 24 drops 3x daily, the equivalent of 8 drops a day using 35% food grade H2O2. My end goal will be 75 drops 3x daily, the equivalent of 25 drops at 35%. I'm eager to see what kind of results come.

Once again, many thanks to Tarilee and this forum.

Hi Searching,

I've certainly come across people trying that approach over the years though I've not found personally known anyone that it helped. I hope you will listen carefully to your body and also do your research about the risks.

As you know, I'm here to provide education and support for people using the Whole Approach Candida Protocol and the Whole Approach Candida Diet. The candida diet guide is available for a free download this month so if you're combining food therapy with your anti-fungal efforts, you may be interested in taking a look.

If you'd like some help with the protocol here, just let me know. 

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Hi Tarilee,

Thank you for the concern and the kind words. I've tried so many diets with very little success so I'm trying something a little more intense. (certainly with research and caution, hence my posting and research) I really appreciate that there is a resource like this forum for candida issues. I just downloaded the Food List, thank you! Perhaps trying a diet approach in combination with H2O2 will be what works for me. If I have any questions, I will reach out to you. I appreciate your offer for help, thank you!

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