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Happy New Year! Been a very long time. I was working 2 jobs, then 3, then 2, now none. LoL. Been a rough, stressful, couple of years for me.

 I'm interested in taking GSE and Undecylenic acid together (I'm not interested in taking neem orally). Should these two be taken on an empty stomach? Or with food? and Why? I am not taking soil based organisms right now as my funds will not allow. I'm still taking probiotics daily. I only have a limited amount of the psyllium left. How often would you suggest I take the purge cleanse drink while taking these 2 supplements?

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Hi Barbie,

I think we may have talked about this question on the telephone, but I will post here as well. 

The instructions for Phase V, using UGN (Undecylenic acid, GSE and Neem, recommend taking the UGN with food and with the SBX (one capsule three times daily).  You can continue with the Bentonite/Psyllium mix once or twice daily on an empty stomach.

Sorry for the long delay in responding.  Tarilee is no longer moderating the forums on a regular basis, but the forum is open as a resource.

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