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Note from Tari Lee- I am not reviewing this list regularly to make sure that I would personally approve of all the choices. You may find that some of the foods are listed in the cautionary considerations in the food FAQ section. If I see some items that I know I have made related comments about, on I'll put asterix beside these items. You can then look them up in the other post: Considerations Regarding Questionable Foods

If you would like to add to this list, go ahead and post below it with your suggestions. This way, any of you, or myself can copy and paste to consolidate and organize the suggestions whenever the thread gets too unruly (long). If, when you do so, you do so right on this thread, I will come in and delete the previous posts so that we are starting 'clean and fresh' each time.


Frontier or The Spicery Shoppe (this one has a much larger variety of flavors than Frontier, but some contain soy)
--seasonings & herbs: Frontier has a great bulk selection or jars of organic herbs
: Simply Organic seasoning jars
--soy sauce: Bragg's Amino Acids (an unfermented soy product which may not be digested well for everyone)
--carob: Chatfields (unsweetened carob powder or dairy-free, unsweetened caro chips)
--vegetable glycerine: NOW or Frontier (see questionable foods list ...QFL)

--Annie's Naturals Green Garlic
--Annie's Naturals Lemon and Chives


: Lundburg rice milk is nice though it does have some sweetness to it.
: Rice Dream unsweetened rice milk (no sweeteners added, but it contains a lot of natural sugars)
--butter/margarine: Earth Balance (lactose & gluten free, non hydrogenated, no GMOs, completely natural)
: Horizon (organic butter) See QFL


--flaxmeal: Bob's Red Mill
--flours: Arrowhead Mills or Bob's Red Mill (many flours & mixes available, even pancake mixes)
--cereals: Arrowhead Mills (puffed millet, etc)
:Check out Arrowhead Mills and Nature's Path for great cereals. Nature's Path makes some millet/quinoa flakes (see QFL)that are incredible and they are mildly sweetened with fruit juice I believe (though check this to be sure, they may have changed their formula since I last shopped with them). (T)


--spaghetti sauce: Trader Joe's Tomatoe Basil Organic Marinara (store brand, only found at TJ)
--pasta: Tinkyada brown rice pasta (it's much better than the corn/quinoa pastas I've tried - it's not mushy at all and it tastes like regular pasta to me).
:Lundberg organic brown rice pasta (this one is decent, but not as good as Tinkyada. Tinkyada is the best because it has the rice bran in it, so it doesn't get mushy.)


--seltzers/mineral waters: Crystal Geyser (unsweetened, naturally flavored sparkling mineral water--they are absolutely delicious!)(used too much can pull calcium out. watch for artificial flavours etc)
--Pau D' Arco tea: Alvita
--other teas: Yogi teas are awesome, just be careful if you're really sensitive as you may need to rotate some of their more common flavouring ingredients (T)
: Traditional Medicinals (good organic herbal teas)
: Daily Detox I or II (from the WA site)Daily Detox Teas
--broths: Pacific or Imagine (organic, free range broth, no MSG, yeast, etc. Imagine carries a good veggie broth)
--coffee substitute: Wild Country Grain Gourmet organic coffee substitute. (This is the most hypoallergic drink of it's kind that I've found and it is 100% organic.)(T)
--lemon juice: Crofters (organic) (T)
: Santa Cruz (organic)
--cranberry juice: Black River (juice concentrate) (T)
: Trader Joe's (100% cran. juice)
--Aquafina flavored sparkling waters


--pumpkin: Libby's 100% pumkin, & most store brands have 100% available too
--veggie bugers, etc: Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods (the California Bugers and the Tex Mex Burgers are delicious. Contains soy)
--frozen veggies: Cascadian Farms (organic)
--nut butters: Kettle
: Nutz To You (T)
: Marantha (makes great organic raw nut butters in almond and tahini)
--cranberries: Stahlbush Island Farms (unsweetened, frozen cranberries from sustainable farming)
--unsweetened coconut flakes: Bob's Red Mill
--organic potatoes: Tomorrow's Organics red potatoes


--chips: Terra brand Sweet Potato Chips (just sweet potatoes and oil-absolutely delicious!)
: Terra brand Original Exotic Vegetable Chips (taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata, parsnip, beet juice, oil, & salt) deep fried, contain super heated vegetable oil (see QFL)
:Millet and Flax bread from Samis Bakery in Tampa
Ingredients:Brown Rice Flour, water, Aluminum free baking powder, sea salt, organic Ground flax seed. I have a website if anyone wants it. (from Pasaj or Peggy)
:Sourdough Spelt Bread (only if you can tolerate it) from Berlin Natural Bakery in Berlin, Ohio
Ingredients: Spelt flour, water & salt (also from Pasaj)
--crackers: Organic Golden Flax by Foods Alive, (organic golden flax, Braggs Liquid Amino, love) different flavors include Mexican, Italian, Onion and Garlic and Carob (contains corn syrup)
:Lydia's Organics Crackers (grainless, gluten, sugar, & oil-free!! These crackers are expensive, but wonderful. They sell them on the internet too)
--breads (probably only for later stages of diet):
: Pacific Bakery (similar to French Meadow)
: Nature's Way Manna Breads (makes sprouted breads containing sprouted wheat - still has gluten, but less of it)

Blue Diamond brown rice and almond crackers, they have other flavours too...


--coconut oil: Spectrum Naturals (organic)
: Marantha (organic)
--other beneficial oils: Omega or Flora liquid polyunsaturated oils (flax, sesame, Udo's Choice etc) (T)
-Omega organic extra virgin olive
Original Post
I have a question for you about Dr. Praeger's burgers, which contain textured soy flour. I read that textured soy flour was just another label for MSG (a negative health substance). Do you know if this is true? We have been eating them, but thought I would like to know for certain.

Also, I am currently in Phase 3 and I would like to know when I can eat green peas and other sweet veggies, such as corn. Or are they taboo?

Another question that has been bothering me is do I continue the probiotics (acidophilous) that I was taking in Phases 1 & 2? Or does the SBX take care of all that now????

Also last but not least, can you please define the term "limit" foods that is used in the food lists?

Hi JJ--

I'm just going to post a link or two in answer to your questions...If you use the "find" feature on this site and do a search, you will likely pull up a whole bunch of posts on any particular topic. Winky

About SBX and probiotics:


Just a caution about corn from Tarilee's previous post:

"As for regular corn as fresh vegetable yes it is a limit and it also has some concerns around genetic modification, moulds and pesticides so I encourage you to use organic corn only and to be aware that it is one of the more common allergens so a fair number of you may need to avoid it until your intestinal tracts and immune systems have strengthened."

About limit foods--here's the link to the diet section. Once you've opened the link, click on the bottom right to get the full list of which grains/limits are suitable for which phase etc:


As far as the soy product you mentioned, I'll leave that one for Tarilee because I'm not sure. i tend to stay away from soy almost all the time because of the cautions that come with it.

I hope this helped somewhat!!

take good care and if you have any other questions please post them!

Ashley Big Grin
I just want to mention that Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes contain malted barley and are sweetened with fruit juice right, but grape juice. Also the newest version also contains oat flour.

Organic whole oat flour, organic concentrated grape juice, organic brown rice flour, organic whole millet, organic oat bran, organic barley malt extract, sea salt.

Their only acceptable cereales for now, even for those who tolerate the gluten, are the Puffed Cereals.
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