Grapefruit Seed Extract Uses for candida and more

Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Grapefruit Seed Extract

The following information was previously provided to Whole Approach by the manufacturers of ProSeed Grapefruit Seed Extract. Though we loyally supported their product for many years, it was discontinued. We have replaced it with the Nutribiotic brand product. Nutribiotics an excellent company with high quality standards.


The following should not be construed as medical advise. Consult with your physician for diagnosis and before use. 

ACNE: Add a few drops of Nutribiotic GSE Liquid Concentrate to your soap. Use UGN capsules if acne is result of Candida.

ATHLETES FOOT: Use GSE Liquid Concentrate (20 drops) in laundry to kill fungus on socks.

CANDIDA (INTERNAL): Slowly increase drops according to practioner's guidance.

CHRONIC FATIGUE: Same as recommendations for A.I.D.S.

COLD SORES: One drop GSE Liquid Concentrate directly to sores. It can dry sores quickly. If area is too sensitive use in diluted form.

DANDRUFF: Most cases of dandruff are caused by scalp fungi. Use GSE Liquid Concentrate. (15 drops in your shampoo. Be very careful to keep product out of eyes).

DIARRHEA: GSE Liquid Concentrate (15 drops in juice or water) 

FOOD CONTAMINATION-AVOIDANCE: Using a spray bottle dilute 50 drops of GSE Liquid Concentrate into 16 ounces of water. Spray on cutting board. Let stand 10 minutes then wipe with damp cloth. NOTE: Bacteria transferred to cutting boards from beef, chicken, fish, etc, constitute a major health hazard especially to children and immune compromised individuals.

FOOD POISONING: GSE Liquid Concentrate (up to15 drops in juice or water.) See a physician. 

GASSINESS: Use ProSeed Liquid Concentrate or ProSeed Vegicaps as per “Diarrhea” or Triple Yeast Defense if Candida is present.

GUM PROBLEMS: GSE Liquid Concentrate add a few drops- to WaterPik.

COLD SORES: One drop GSE Liquid Concentrate directly to sores. It can dry sores quickly. If area is too sensitive use in diluted form.

HUMIDIFIERS: Fungi and bacteria that grow in humidifiers become airborne and can pose a serious health threat. Use GSE Liquid Concentrate (15-20 drops) in one pint of water. Add to reservoir and shake vigorously. Empty and rinse.

PARASITES: Use GSE Liquid Concentrate. See a physician.

PLAQUE-TOOTH: Plaque formation requires bacteria. Use GSE Liquid Concentrate as a rinse (15 drops to 8 oz. water) or in WaterPik (5 drops).

RINGWORM: Dilute GSE Liquid Concentrate with equal amount of water. Apply. Consider UGN formula internally.

SHAVING-ITCH: Reusing blades risks bacterial or fungal infection. Soak razor – 10 drops ProSeed Liquid Concentrate to 4 ozs. Water. 

SINUSITIS: Place no more than one drop of GSE Liquid Concentrate for each cup of slightly salty water (as salty as tears) and use in a spray atomizer (available in drug stores) or netty pot. Use with caution as it can burn sensitive tissue.

SORE THROAT:  Use 20 drops GSE Liquid Concentrate. Water and gargle.

TOOTHBRUSH CLEANING: Bacteria thrive here. Soak toothbrush in 4 ozs. Water & 10 drops ProSeed Liquid Concentrate.

VIRUSES: The Pasteur Institute and several other research laboratories have demonstrated that grapefruit seed extract can effectively control certain viruses. Echinacea may also have that ability. Use GSE Liquid Concentrate.

WARTS: Warts are most often induced by viruses. Place one drop of GSE Liquid Concentrate directly on wart (avoid eye contract). May have to use for several weeks.


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