*Gooey Carob Nut and seed cookies

These are really good, almost like chocalate...plus they're jam packed with lots of healthy goodness.

1 cup *Quinoa flour (or whatever you prefer-TLC-quinoa can be hard to digest but a nut/rice combo might work well- maybe with a touch of sweet rice added)
1/2 cup *Spelt flakes or rolled oats (TLC-gluten free oats are best)
1/4 cup carob powder (TLC-with care for good tolerance)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp stevia powder
dash of salt.

4 tbsp oil...(or could use vegetable *glycerin instead of or in addition to stevia ...i cant find any around so i put some oil in to moisten them up a bit)
1/2 cup rice milk
1/4 cup ghee
1 egg 1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup almond butter

1/2 cup carob chips (TLC-be sure to find the unsweetened as they are sweet enough)
1/2 cup *coconut flakes
1/3 cup sesame seeds
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup almonds, slivered or sliced

Mix first 7 dry ingredients and set aside.

mix the wet ingredients, heating the almond butter a bit to help with mixing.

combine the two mixtures and add sesame and sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds and carob chips....(i put pretty much everthing i had available in these and it turned out pretty good, but could eliminate one or any of the above for some slightly less packed cookies)

spoon onto a cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes for nice gooey cookeys, or slightly longer for more solid ones.

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Thanks, SunshineKisses, for pulling these up. (Love the name, btw!)

I kind of did a double take as I read Tia's response. She is the master baker around here! Then I looked at the date and realized she was just beginning this way of life.

These sound so good, and I've been craving treats. I am going to print this off right now.

I just pop in here once and awhile these days. I hope you're finding good health! I am always grateful for the forum!

GayAnn wave3
Hi GayAnn

Honestly, they're sooo good! All my friends have been eating the 1st batch I made - and all them are saying they can't believe there's no sugar/wheat etc in them! I figure if people who eat sugar etc think they're good then that's a hit Wink

I'm actually going to bake them again this afternoon... the 1st batch I cooked I baked them for 20 mins, because I just couldn't belive they would be done in ten... that made a really delicious slightly more crumbly 'biscuit' (this may be a british thing?) - but I could see that if I had left them in for less time they really would be a yummy goo... so I'm going to try that this time Smile

Thanks for saying hello - and hope you think Amcie's cookies are as yummy as I do! wavey2

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