Gentle yet Effective Ways to Detox from Heavy Metals?

Other than chelation which seems to severe, can someone recommend gentle yet effective ways to detox from heavy metals? I heard these things can be good: chlorella, cilantro .... infrared saunas ... what else? Oh, and if you believe in chlorella/cilantro, can you recommend a brand of supplements? THANKS!!!
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Hi Marielle,

I am just beginning on this path. I am learning that I may have to deal w/ the heavy metals before I can get rid of the candida.

Are you still looking for help? Let me know in a post.... I was just about to order a bunch of supps so I can't verify for you yet, but I am enthusiastic about trying them.

I think you could just use fresh cilantro....I am looking at several chlorella brands.

I'll sure look fwd to hearing from you - where are you located?
Hi Kanga,
I am in Los Angeles. Thanks for responding to my post. Let me know how your supplements go. My email is I'm also looking into stuff like colonics and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, or infrared saunas. There are a lot of options, but don't know if my wallet can handle it!!
You can go to a person who practices Applied Kinesiology (usually a chiropractor can do this but make sure he can, as some chiros don't know how to do Applied Kinesiology). Also, google "SCIO energy testing providers" in your city. SCIO is a form of energy testing that can help determine what is wrong with your body. Also I heard that electrodermal testing can determine this too. Ask Tarilee about electrodermal testing or google it to find out how it works, and who practices it in your area.
I am starting to think that everyone has some issues w/ this and that it is a matter of degree. I assume everyone saw the report on sperm whales that had TONS of metals in them - way beyond the "risky" seafood that we've been told not to eat when pregnant.....anyway, I think our environment is so dirty now that it is really catching up w/ us. I think it's like the author of WA's candida cookbooks says - we are like the canaries in the coalmine. I have been reading more on the connection b/t candida and metal toxicity. I haven't reached conclusions yet but there are some interesting theories about metals and viruses and autism......Perhaps we have a new thread starting here???
I totally agree. I wish I had decided to detox first before going on the candida diet. Now I have to detox then do the diet again. About the heavy metals thing - an osteopath I know who is very good here in Los Angeles said that he thinks that vaccines may cause autistic behaviors in children. Now I'm going to think twice before making any major decisions that the media endorses as "safe."
wow Marielle....I'd love to hear more about what that dr thinks. My son was almost certainly influenced by vaccines. It is all related. did you know they use aluminum as a preservative in them now and it's also a preservative in IV antibiotics? I had them once and my hands tasted like metal several days after. I called my dr and he verified that it was the IV meds doing it. If you do a web search on sperm whale and metals you'll see the report that just came out yesterday. I am sure that Tarilee will adjust her recommendations on seafood......I will be interested to hear what she thinks about it now.
Hi. I have been taking chlorella and liquid zeolite and am on a special protocol for detoxing. I am so far really impressed but my candida is continuing to be incredibly stubborn. I'd be happy to help in anyway w/ info if you'd like. Cilantro is good too. I was dumping a bunch of metal in my urine from the zeolite and my husband dumped cadmium.
I never felt that way. We drink a lot of water anyway. I think this blog you read is by one of the zeolite companies. I think it's done by Waiora in a stealth manner. If you read the reviews carefully you can tell.

If you'd like to try it I have a bunch. I was really thrilled w/ how it worked and my whole family is using it. They are selling 30 ml bottles now but I have 60 ml bottles. I can get some to you cheap if you'd like. I can tell you more about how I know it was pulling the metals out. I'm not using so much now, but I may go back to more later in my protocol.

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