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Hi there,

I have got onto your forum page - but I can’t make out how to post a question.perhaps you could do it for me please?

This is my question;
. I take ReMag and ReMyte daily. I have a raised blood pressure for which my doctor has tried various medications. Non of them so far have I been able to tolerate, so I want to find a more natural way of medication.

My life style, diet and exercise is very good according to all the professionals (mostly vegetarian with plenty of raw foods.)

At present I am doing the ;Whole Approach’ an anti - candida diet (used to have lots of mercury fillings and infected wisdom teeth.) I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The medication I am taking is Caproyl, diatomaceous earth or bentonite and psyllium husks/seeds. I have been on this protocol for 5 weeks now.

My question is; I have recently found a product that is claimed to help lower blood pressure . It is called ARGININE CARDIO. I really want to start taking this product but am a bit concerned about some of the ingredients as I am on this anti-candida protocol. The ingredients I am unsure about are; citric acid, magic acid , beet juice powder and cranberry juice powder. Do you think it would be alright to go ahead taking the ARGININE CARDIO without it affecting my anti candida protocol?

I would be very grateful for your advice on this, my doctor knows very little about natural medication.

Very best wishes,

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Hi there CH,

Arginine itself does not have yeast contraindications that I'm aware of. The amount of malic acid, citric acid and fruit powder in it are likely low. Perhaps it does not have any exipients used for processing (like magnesium stearate?) If this is the case and those other products are used instead, that would be preferable. True that citric acid comes from yeast these days instead of citrus and the yeast could be GMO, it's still likely a small amount. If it's a company that cares about purity, you might contact them and ask about the source of the citric acid.

I hope that helps.

Take good care,


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