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I need to know how much is too much dried beans? I can easily eat 2 - 4 plates of dried beans each day. What can I eat to replace it?

I have some organic green olives ingredients are: salt, lactic acid, citric acid and ascorbic acid. Can I eat these?

What about eggs? I can't find it on the OK list.

Can I cook a stirfry with coconut aminos (similar to Braggs) to help flavor food? Ingredients are organic coconut tree sap and sea salt. Can I use this?

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I usually recommend pasture raised, pasture fed eggs if you can find them and, if you seem to be sensitive to food allergies, you might want to rotate eggs with other proteins so you dont' develop a sensitivity to them. Check out the Welcome post with the Food Allergies post.

Coconut aminos are wonderful and so are olives. Citric acid comes from yeast but it's likely a very small amount. 

Beans are fairly high in carbohydrate though high protein and sprouted beans like sprouted mung beans or sprouted lentils (then cooked) are somewhat better options. 

Do you eat meat products?

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