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I have a big appetite so it would be helpful if you could be more specific about the tolerable amounts of beans that can be eaten on the phase 1 diet. I am referring to dry beans such as: field peas, green lentils, kidney beans or garbanzo beans.  I understand that I have to be aware of how it effects me but is there a measurable amount where I have reached my limit? Does olive oil on salad cause dieoff symptoms as well? Is antibiotic hormone free chicken broth healthy choice for me to drink? How long should I wait before eating after taking the cleanse? Thanks so much for your help. Hal

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Hi there Hal,

One cup of beans would be a serving. On the food list you'll see there are some that are recommended over others. The highest protein, lowest starch options that are easy to digest are sprouted then cooked mung beans or lentils.

Chicken broth is great. Chicken bone broth even better. We recommend you take the cleanse 2 hours after eating or 1 1/2 hours before.

Olive oil has a small amount of anti-fungal action but its very unlikely to be enough to cause die off. 

I invite you to check out our brand new welcome post for answers to lots of introductory information. And if you have any more questions, feel free to post them here. I come on at least once a week to answer them.

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