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I am having a problem with eating too many (brown) lentils. Do the green lentiIs  have the same amount of starch as the brown lentils? I ate 6 or 7 platefuls in 1 day.  Since they are low in starch can I eat more of them than the other beans or not?  I have a very big appetite and am very thirsty as well. I hope that I have not destroyed what has been done in the last 4 weeks or so. Please just tell me like it is and that will hopefully help me to do what needs to be done. I had to stop using the bentonite. I am afraid that is causing me severe constipation. Magnesium or enemas is the only thing that has corrected it. My wife has ordered me some absorbaid digestive enzymes  (not the platinum but the other one). Is tumeric or curcumin a good choice to help with inflammation in the digestive tract? Can I drink whatever I want to in the 2 hour waiting period before taking the cleanse? Such as water, herbal teas, almond or coconut milk? Thanks so much for your help. Hal

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Hi there Hal,

I recommend you have a look at the information we have posted about the Whole Approach candida diet. At the bottom of this page you'll see a link to the food lists and instructions.

Curcumin is a wonderful support for inflammation but most supplements contain additives. Whole Approach sells a formula developed by a naturopathic doctor specifically to support intestinal inflammation. It's called Smooth Operator and it's one of my favourite products. It can also make a difference in the severity of allergies for some people.

Absorb Aid enzymes reduce the work that your digestive system has to do and make it easier to absorb nutrients from your food. 

Did you get to look at the link to the  constipation article I posted before? If not, let me know and I'll put the link in here. 

Yes you can drink any beverages prior to the purge. The recommended timing for the drink is 1 1/2 hours before you eat or one hour after.

Plates full of lentils are not the worst thing for your health but I think that much could be overdoing it even if you weren't trying to reduce starch. Don't worry about having destroyed progress but you may want to shift to lower starch proteins for the bulk of your protein, at least while you're healing. Having said that, if you sprout lentils or mung beans before cooking and eating, you will create a lower starch vegetarian protein and so you could likely increase the serving size to two cups.

See the food lists link above for advice on how many servings of carbohydrate are recommended per day. 

Take good care,


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