Food Antifungal Die Off

Hello Tarilee,

I just ordered my first Whole Approach protocol and am anxious awaiting for it's arrival.  

My question is in regards foods that are also antifungals.  I have read that garlic is one.  Garlic I cannot ingest.  It has landed me in the emergency room several times with doctors misdiagnosing.   The symptoms are like that of an intoxication lasting for weeks.  The symptoms are immediate and include redness/ swelling of my ankles and feet where I cannot walk, vertigo, bloating,  headaches and the flu like symptoms.   The thirst for water is insatiable.  I could not figure out what make me so sick until I started a food elimination diet.  It is not only garlic but also any foods from the onion family.  

Garlic has never been a problem for me before.  After much research I have found garlic kills fungus.  I assume the symptoms are die off from the death of the organisms.  Will the bentonite and psyllium help with the garlic die off?  And what to expect when starting the 1st stage and the capryol if garlic is so powerful for me.


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