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1. Can I eat coconut?  2. Can I eat organic mustard? (The ok list says that I can but the foods to avoid list says that I cannot eat mustard).  3. How do you make a healthy and tasty mayonaisse? 4.The"Obi" drink is a probiotic  drink. The ingredients of concern are: carbonated water, lemon juice not from concentrate, organic agave nectar, citric acid and natural flavors (It is a probiotic drink). 5. When kidney beans are sprouted-how much starch do they have left in them? I have started on the 2nd phase of the purge. The grapefruit seed extract seemed to do well at first but when I went up to 5 drops per mix it has really drained me. So I am dropping back to 3 drops a mix to see how that will do. Thanks for your help, Hal.

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Hi Hal,

Prepared mustard is fine if it's made with cider vinegar and if you feel well when you eat it. 

Homemade mayonnaise without sugar is fine for the program though there is much debate about the healthfulness of unpasteurized eggs.  I personally eat raw eggs from very healthy, pasture raised organic sources but I don't promote this for liability reasons. You'll need to make this decision yourself but should you decide to go ahead with it, there are ample recipes for homemade mayonnaise and you could use a teeny bit of stevia, or liquid FOS from agave, or yacon instead of sugar to sweeten it.

I'm not too concerned about the bit of citric acid in that drink though sometimes it is sourced from yeast so can be a problem for extremely sensitive people.

Starch is lowered by sprouting and I like to use the smaller, lower starch beans to begin with (lentils, mung beans). As for how much starch is left, there would be many variables and I do not believe there is a reliable information source for this. I also think most kidney beans are pasteurized or irradiated. This may be the reason they don't sprout but I'm not sure. I've never had kidney beans, black eyed peas, black beans or white beans  sprout for me. 

Even three drops of GSE is likely therapeutic and it sounds good to me that you're listening to your body and observing carefully.

All my best,


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