*Flourless Carob Cake

14 oz unsweetened carob chips (or equivalent amount of carob? if you want to spare yourself the processed oils)
3/4 C. plus 2 TBS of ghee
10 egg yolks
1 tsp stevia
1 TBS vanilla,
1 tsp lemon juice,
10 egg whites,
1/2 tsp stevia,

Melt carob and butter in microwave. Allow to slightly cool. Beat yolks and 1 tsp stevia until smooth, stir in vanilla and lemon juice then blend in chocolate mixture. Blend egg whites in large mixer bowl until peaks are formed. Gradually
add 1/2 tsp stevia, beat until stiff peaks form. Stir 1 C. whites into chocolate mixture and then fold in remaining whites. Pour into
10-12" pan, greased, floured, wax paper lined. Bake at 250 for 2 1/2 hours, allow to completely cool before serving.
This is wonderful!!

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HI all,

I see that this is rated as being delicious so people have tried this, it certainly looks yummy. My one question is 1 tsp of stevia seems like a lot and in the directions below it actually says 1 tsp added to the yolks then when doing the egg whites add another 1/2 tsp? I'm just confused because I've read stevia gets bitter at 1/4 tsp nevermind 1 tsp? Please help, I really want to make this.


Bella Smile
Thanks for bumping this recipe up, Bella. It certainly looks intersting, especially as I recently found unsweetened carob chips.

I am not much of a baker, so I am intrigued at how this could possibly be cake-like Unsure Maybe I'll have to try it to find out! But I would love to hear from someone who has actually tried it.

Hi Meredith,

Doesn't it look delicious?! My only question as you can see is the stevia, I still struggle with that a bit, I do have chicolin too, I havenot been able to find the right carob chips, they all have malt barley in them etc. but I did order some raw carob powder which I hope is ok. I'd also love to hear from someone that has had this Big Grin

Hey guys,

I haven't tried this before (so let us know how it turns out), but I'm wondering if she meant 1 tsp of stevia/chicolin mix, rather than pure stevia. I would give that a try, and then add more if you need to.


PS - Just a word of warning about the carob chips...most brands contain dairy, but dairy-free do exist - just check the ingredients first. I think Barry Farm foods (online store) has the diary free ones.
Hi Guys,

I would SO love to make this cake but I can't find any suitable Carob Chips. I looked on Barry Farms, and the unsweetened ones have hydrogenated oil in them. Is that safe for us?

Thanks for the help! This recipe looks wonderful and since I have a nut and coconut allergy its one of the only sweet recipes I think I can have.

Thanks in advance,

Oh you're right, sorry about that. No, hydrogenated oils aren't good - I think it makes the oils toxic. They do make a kind that is free of hydrogenated oils, but I think that one has dairy in it. I don't know if they make one that is free of both...but I'll let you know if I see some.


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