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I have been battling with Candida for years now (I have a pretty bad case)... Anyway, I'm slowly recovering but one symptom that really isn't getting much better is the amount of flem in my throat. I end up coughing a lot when talking, and more importantly, I can't sing. I know this sounds silly but I love singing and its one of the ways I de-stress. The symptom gets worse when I have die off, as expected but I would love to get it to a more comfortable level.

Anyone have any good remedies for clearing away throat gunk/flem? 

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Hi there Jodes,

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I usually come on here once a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to answer questions. 

Excess mucous seems to be common complaint with many disorders related to digestive efficiency. Sounds like you've linked this to your efforts to reduce candida. Perhaps you're doing a bit of a cleanse and this is related to your body throwing off wastes. Of course I have no way of knowing for sure. Scrubbing and cleansing the colon of excess mucous through the Whole Approach candida cleanse is one excellent way to reduce it and dietary strategies can also help.

A few possible diet related causes are dehydration, high protein, high residue foods (cheeses, tofu, processed meats, faux vegetarian meats like gluten based sausages etc, unfermented milk, sugar, some nuts, grain starches).

Have you noticed whether you level of fluid intake has an impact on this? Have you tried increasing your water intake? What about lemon juice drinks? I enjoy organic lemon juice with a few drops of stevia in water or sparkling water or kefir water. Lemon is great for cutting mucous. Hot ginger tea can also be helpful as can oil pulling (look this up on the internet). Another strategy for reducing nasal mucous (which can reduce other mucous), is Nasalize nasal syringe or use of a netti pot.

Do let me know what you think after you check out the welcome information and observe some of the ideas above. 

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Hi Tarilee,

I've tried your suggestions and its eased a little which is great! But I'm struggling in general at the moment... my body can't handle a lot of antifungals at all without my immune system suffering and my chronic fatigue getting really bad, and then taking weeks to recover properly. It feels a bit as though I'm never going to get better.

But thanks for checking back in  



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