I couldnt decide if I should put this in breakfast or sweet treats- we have been eating it for both.
2-3 cups of baked spaghetti squash (I use half of a largish spaghetti squash)
4 T butter and coconut oil
cinnamon and stevia and or veggie glycerin to taste (I sometimes add vanilla or maple flavoring): sorry I'm not more exact, I make it different each time and it always turns out yummy
5-6 eggs

*puree spaghetti squash until smooth. Add oil and flavorings- puree.
Mix in beaten eggs
pour into a greased pan (I use greased custard dishes for individual servings but it works fine all in one baking dish).
*Bake at 350 for as long as it takes to set

*If you're feeling really fancy you can make a maple syrup to drizzle on top (veggie glycerin, stevia and non alcoholic maple flavoring).




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Original Post
great, let me know! I don't really measure when I make it, so I hope it works 'in print': I just eyeball it and adjust as needed Smile
Do let me know what you think! It is one of our favorites!

For the pudding, I use the other half of the spaghetti squash: puree with sweeteners/flavors and then add agar agar that has been simmered with water. After I mix it in I put in the fridge over night. In the morning it is a big hard hunk that I toss back into the food processor and process until creamy. Sorry I don't know the measurements: Its probably about 2 tablespoons of agar agar (dissolved into about 1 and a half cups of water)for a half of a large squash (yellow squash or zucchini also work for both recipes, but the spaghetti squash is best!).
Thanks, Sara! It was good so I think it all worked out just fine. I think maybe I could have added a little more stevia/chicolin mix--I added about 1 1/2 tsp + 2 T veg. glycerine but, it was still sweet enough to enjoy. Smile Oh, and my five year old gave it a thumbs up. My seven year old didn't want to try it and my husband (who's not a big sweets person---aside from Mountain Dew, lol) was too full from supper. Maybe they'll try some tomorrow, if I haven't finished it off already that is. Roll Eyes
My husband said to me this evening, "you're going to find a way to gain weight on that diet aren't you?" hee hee

I eyeball a lot of things too when I'm making up a recipe and I don't write it down. Then, later I'm mad at myself because I can't remember what I did and it doesn't taste quite the same. I have more recipes to add to the site but, haven't for those reasons. Oh, well...

Thanks so much for the good recipes and ideas.

Sarah Big Grin
I'm glad it worked for you! I made some tonight and used less egg than usual (my squash was a bit smaller, but I used 3 eggs to the half of squash)- it was more creamy- very good. I use quite a bit of sweetener (stevia and a bit of veggie glycerin) plus the vanilla.

did you try the syrup to make up for the lack of sweetness? it's a good one- especially when the treat is hot out of the oven....yum!
if it was too runny it was either not cooked quite long enough (cooking time depends on how deep your bowl is- some of mine have had to cook a really long time when others are done in less than 30 minutes), or not enough egg was used- too much egg will cause it to become more 'omletty': but it sounds like it was enjoyed- woo hoo!
This stuff is too good, isn't it Wits? Yes
I finished it off in two days, too, with my five year old only eating a small portion. Now I have more in the oven. It'll be my dessert tonight. We're having a big crab dinner (anniversary party) at my inlaws and it will be nice to have my own special treat. Big Grin Now, if I only had more spaghetti squash...wish I had bought more than one the other day. It'll probably be a while before I'm somewhere with good ones!
Wow Thanks! Yesterday I was crying because I am new to the diet and I will miss my Puertorrican Flan...but then a nice fellow member suggested me to come here and look at the recipes and the first one in the list is "Flan! "

Now I have more hopes I will survive this diet!
Olga in Tampa Florida
as Sarah wrote, this is not going to be too much like the flan you are used to. As you progress on the diet though your tastes will change.
I have been experimenting more with this recipe and find that less eggs makes it more creamy. It is super yummy though and perfect on a cold day- my comfort food of choice!
Yesterday I made it with zucchini and summer squash and couldnt believe how much my children ate (they hate zucchini!).
for some people, the eggs can be too 'contractive' as far as balance in the body. I thought that this might be an issue for me as I was dealing with the constipation issue. BUT from what I've read, eggs are one of the perfect foods for us candida sufferers- the sulphur in eggs is actually antifungal too. A source that I trust believes that there is no limit to eating eggs- the 'fat' is actually very healing. I have some links I can send you if you want Smile
Yes ..I understand it will be a different taste but at least I will have some sweets in my life! ...There is hope at the end of the tunnel! lol..

I am just in phase one of the diet ..so I am not eating anything outside my list of allowed foods ... but as I progress and detox my body ....I know I have great recipes in here that will make happy my sweet tooth ! lol...

Thanks so much! I am going (if allowed) to print some of the most appealing recipes for me and will do a booklet ... I will soon start to get the ingredients and have all ready! ..I am ecxited because at the 4th day of my diet I am feeling better! It is amazing!

Have a great day!
Olga in Tampa Florida
Olga, this recipe is fine in stage one to have Smile You can have "sweets" you just need to use the allowed sweeteners. I bought mine here, the stevia & chicolin (you mix them together as I think GayAnn mentioned in another post).

And, yes, totally print the recipes out. I have my favorites and those I want to try in plastic sheets in a binder. It's my new "cookbook" as I love cookbooks but can't use too many that I own now that I'm on my diet.

Oh! Ok..I am learning! ...As a junior member I am having a litle difficulty following and knowing what is good in the stage one ...some recipes said good for stage 1 ,2 or 3 but some does not specify ... as I learn things will have more sense to me ..
Right now I am lost in space...lol...
I am trying to get ingredients ..and looking at the "tons" of recipes ...
Thanks always for your advices! .
PS I like your name "sugar freak" I can be "sugar freak..the sequel " lol
PS 2... 5th day on the diet and my itchy rash.. is gone!!... unbeleivable!

Olga in Tampa

I made this yesterday, it is tasty but not that sweet. Next time I will put vanilla flavored stevia in it ( i didnt have any so I just put cinnamon in it) but I still like it! Doesnt taste much like real flan but it still makes a good snack or breakfast. Thanks for the recipe!

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