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I have been on this anti Candida programme for close to a year. While I feel I made a lot of progress in the first 6-9 months, I became quite run down in more recent times and my ND advised me to stop taking anti fungals and to be a little less strict with myself on carbs.

She has advised, and having considered it and researched the topic somewhat myself, that the next step for me is to address the mercury issue. I have 7 amalgam fillings. Maybe because I have killed off so much Candida is why I am not feeling fully well now, because I am more susceptible to metal toxicity....that's one theory.

Anyway...i have spoken to a reputable mercury free dentist who is willing to treat me, I haven't had a full consultation yet. My ND however suggested that I should consider field control therapy alongside the dental process.

Where the confusion arises for me is that I spoke to the FCT practitioner and he tells me that he wants to see me before I see the dentist and based on his assessment he may give me remedies to begin mobilising mercury from v
certain organs. He tells me that once I take the remedies I need to stay away from all electro magnetic fields for approx 2 days, depending on my metal burden. If I ignore this advice and say use my phone during treatment then I could become very ill.

This just seems so extreme to me. He says I could need only one but possibly more treatments but he has seen amazing results with other clients in terms of energy improvement.

Has anyone had any experience of FCT? The other option seems to be the cilantro / chlorella route. This guy is the first person to have suggested detox before dental treatment. I have referred back to my ND who is going to consult some colleagues for a second opinion and come back to me.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Yours in bewilderment!

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What I had done was a month at least prior, take supplements, called Mercury detox formula which you may be able to find online. But dont take it the day of. Afterwards I had a vitamin C IV, and I think a glutathione shot. I haven't heard of the EMF thing with dentistry but it's interesting.

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