(This wil be potentially a tough food combinationfor those with sensitive digestion re the meat with the starch)
lean ground turkey
chili powder & sea salt
red & orange peppers
minced garlic (larger pieces & lots of it!)
romaine lettuce
*corn tortillas

Buffalo Wing Sauce
Tapatio hot sauce

Brown the turkey in a little olive oil, sprinkle on chili powder & sea salt. In a seperate pan, saute the onions, garlic, & peppers with olive oil & sea salt. Melt butter in a small pan & mix in the hot sauce (this makes a buffalo wing sauce that's sooo good). For the wing sauce, use about equal amounts of butter & hot sauce & adjust to taste. Heat the tortillas & stuff them with seasoned turkey, sauteed veggies, avocado slices, lettuce, & wing sauce.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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I believe corn tortillas are ok to eat on any stage of the diet, as long as you don't have an allergy to corn (which is very common). I asked Tarilee that before & I think she said it would count as a regular Limit, and to not eat them on a regular basis (I assume b/c of the high carb count & the possibility of being allergic to corn). Many types of corn tortillas have additives though, so be careful when you buy some.

This recipe is great with all sorts of variations. I sometimes eat it with just refried beans and all the veggies, sometimes with beans & quinoa & veggies, and if I can't have any more Limit foods, I omit the corn tortillas altogether and use large leaves of lettuce instead. While they don't wrap up the best, it can be eaten more like a taco salad and it still tastes great. Any combo works, the buffalo sauce is what really makes this recipe!

I just wanted to add that I have used the Seasame Pancakes (I substitute ground sunflowers) for bread, tortillas etc. I use them for tuna salads etc. It sure helps me with my craving for bread. I often make a double batch and freeze some to use as bread and the others with homemade syrup for dessert.


Once again on the same wavelength. I also changed the sesame pancake recipe into a skillet bread and I was actually going to post the recipe later today (it will be under Italian Skillet Bread when I do). That bread is great! I was able to eat an actual sandwich the other day because of it & it just blew my mind to be able to eat bread.

Non organic corn that is not labelled otherwise is usually GMO and this can be even more allergenic than natural corn, dangerously so.

There is a recipe in the breakfast section for hypo-allergenic tortillas/wraps with sweet potato.

Beware of peppers- those of you who have allergies or inflammatory conditions.

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