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Hi, I am trying to find a running gel that I can use while running long distance that is "safe" to use. I am currently using Hammer Gels as they are lowest in sugars.  Is there something that I can use instead?


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Energy gels by their nature are high carb and sugar so a bit tricky when it comes to candida issues. 

I've written some recommendations up here before but they were much lower glycemic so work in a different way.

If you are just doing it occasionally, like for a race, I'd make an exception for the day of the race.  Here are a few ideas:

a variety of vegetable juices sweetened with carrot or beet juice (up to a 1/4 of the drink). Cut half and half with some coconut WATER and you have a lot of natural electrolytes. I'm not sure how you manage carrying such a thing

Hemp nut and or sprouted quinoa enhanced shakes are not as quickly digested by any means but are low glycemic and energizing.

There is now a fermented vegan protein out there that could go in with some veggie fruit juices and flavoured stevia and himalayan sea salt to make a fairly digestible power drink (again- would need to stay cool)

If you're going to have sugars no matter what, some people are blending up sprouted raw quinoa with mango and spirulina to make an energy gel but this too needs to be cool - as anything natural and healthy is likely to.

If you can find coconut chips (unsweetened) that are made from YOUNG COCONUT, which is very easy to digest (they should melt in your mouth almost), then you might use these and coconut WATER.

Maple tree SAP is another wonderful energy drink with electrolytes but very low in sugar.


 but they would need to stay cool or they might develop bacteria growth. 

Thank you for these ideas.  I apologize for not finding your earlier post about this.  Perhaps I did not use a proper key word for my search.

I did find a brand that is far lower in sugar 5gr vs 13gr. I did look at the baby food in pouches and realized that I could probably add some sweet potato/beet mix to my morning protein drink and I could have an good carb/protein mix.  This is a tricky thing as I realized that a couple days of a electrolyte drink mix (which seemed safe at the time) played havoc with my system.




Most electrolyte drinks have sugar plus additives. 

5 grams is better. However, buying baby food is expensive and overly processed. You could just make your own. Or, what I do every morning is put all my smoothie ingredients, raw, into the Vitamix and make a very smooth, veggie-rich smoothie (I use things like zucchini, kale, cabbage, beets, carrots, ginger, apples, lemons, cucumber). The Vitamix empowers some pretty awesome choices since it is so powerful at it's blending.

Happy experimenting.


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