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I am just curious if you have any opinion or information on doing enemas?  I am just not feeling this treatment is doing much for me because I am so constipated.  I eat well, drink my fluids, gradually increased my fiber, exercise, do yoga...everything I have been asked to do, but nothing gives me any relief.  I ordered an enema bag because I thought this might get me cleaned out a bit to help the antifungals do their job.  Any thoughts?  I will ask my naturopathic DR today what she thinks, but I value your opinion as well.  Many DRs have differing opinions and I really don't know what is correct or the best for me.  


Thanks,  Patti


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Hi Patti,


I believe that recommendations for enemas would be considered medical advice or if not, running quite close to the line legally. Given that I won't offer a recommendation but I can give you some comment.


I know that there are some health practitioners who are highly qualified knowledge-wise to recommend specific colon therapies, and some are ND's. Some are licensed colon hydro-therapists but the qualifications needed for this vary from area to area.


In addition to those who make good study of the topic, tThere are also people who make recommendations or do colon hydrotherapy who are not knowledgeable enough and/or are not taking appropriate hygiene precautions.


Thus its an area I suggest caution around. Besides hygiene and infection concerns there are concerns about putting pressure on weak colon tissue by not being gentle enough and It's apparently possible to strip your body of beneficial bacteria with too much colon irrigation. So in the long run this situation could worsen constipation as a result.


I've heard of herbal enemas and probiotic implants and these sound intriguing. Though I think they are worth learning about if you feel drawn to the practice, I'll leave it for an expert to comment on the possibilities and the cautions specific to these approaches.


One common practice is coffee enemas. These are actually quite an old practice and are supposed to stimulate liver purging. They can be stimulating and they are not likely very helpful in terms of rebuilding flora since coffee is acidic and can reduce populations of beneficial bacteria. Still, they must have some benefit or they could not have remained in such common practice for so long. Hard to imagine however, how someone thought to try them for the first time don't you think?


Best of luck with this. Oh, and there is an online store that seems well stocked and have some educational literature. I can't vouch for the soundness of the advice within but they do seem informed. 


All the best Patti,




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