I am most interested in finding out what Tarilee thinks about the subject of "earthing" and if anyone else on the forum has explored this topic or has had any experience with it for health.


It seems there are now books on the subject and some information on the Web but it also sounds like it may be a subject that is a fad. I know that Tarilee discusses electrical fields and thought this might be along the same lines.


I live in a Southern state so going barefoot on grass may not be beneficial as some types of parasites may be picked up so some of the Earthing products claim that they can help you gain this same beneficial electrical "grounding" inside your home. This is the concept in a nutshell.

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Hi Lil Mermaid,

Now are you talking only about the grounding? Or do you also believe you can raise levels of certain minerals like iron and magnesium by being in contact with the earth?  I know that when I go to the beach, I see people walking in the sand with shoes.  And I just cannot do that. I have to take my shoes off the moment I am over the sand. My grandmom used to wear sneakers in the ocean so she would not get pinched by crabs. I always thought that was so unnatural. LOL. I never wore shoes growing up, but feel more grounded now than I ever did. There are also some yoga moves and positions where you make contact with the earth and aligning yourself in ways to ground with the earth.  But that is not outdoors much.  I have used certain stones and crystals to ground myself and found that some have worked extremely well. Others seem to caused the opposite effect. But I'm curious to know what you think about all of this??

Happy New Year my friend!! 


If there were such amazing products that made true earthing easy, we would likely sell them on this site. However, the idea is more complicated to properly manifest than it seems. The body voltage meters used to promote these products do not tell the whole story of the other energies that at the person is being exposed to, some of them are exaggerated by the use of earthing technologies in normal pollution levels of most homes and work environments.


Earthing is amazing! There is no older healing nor anything more certain than the Earth's energy as healer. We are rediculously far removed from the balancing influences of the natural Earth and cosmic electromagnetic energies. Our urban and indoor environments now contain millions to billions of times the natural radiation levels and the microwave radiation and other forms of man made electrical pollution have a much more detrimental effect on biological systems than natural radiation does.


As for earthing products, If the grounding surfaces products your skin comes in contact with are made of non- toxic materials and are grounded correctly AND if they are used in a very clean environment, they can bring some of the outside in.


Unfortunately, the products are only certainly safe if you are positive you have no radio frequencies or electric fields or dirty electricity. Such clean environments are very rare unless specifically wired by a specialist in healthy wiring, free from indoor pollution sources and shielded from outside man made pollution.


Wires and conductive materials can aggravate problems and risks from various forms of electro-pollution (harmonics, microwave radiation, radio frequencies, electric fields, magnetic fields), by acting as an antenna.


Great idea- but only in a clean environment- best to clean up the environment first. If you feel comfortable walking on grass and on the beach or in the lake/stream/ocean, this is ideal. Swimming in nature is the very, very best, especially in the ocean. Grounding shoes are slowly starting to appear.


So far, most shoes marketed as such are just models designed to reduce static in the technology industry. I've yet to see a good shoe designed for the health benefits - i.e. a strong, protective surface that is non toxic yet has the benefits of going barefoot (to the foot muscles and meridians and the body electric.)


A not so complicated foot 'technology' for omnivores would be an all natural leather moccasin sprayed with water before going for a walk. It would need to be tanned without chemicals and heavy metals or you would be absorbing some nasty things into your bare feet. If the right shoes appeared, I would only wear them in natural areas where ground current and pavement and floor wiring wouldn't expose you to the unhealthy energetics.


During the winter, you could walk in the woods holding and a damp wooden stick in your wool mittened hands. These would be reasonably conductive. Touching a tree as often as possible will provide momentary benefits. 


As you can tell, this is a subject I'm very interested in. In my other world, I volunteer with a sustainable housing organization. We are seeking funding to create prototype healthy building materials and homes that are designed to connect inhabitants with the earth and to provide electrical service within the home that is non-polluting. They will also include shielding from microwave radiation from outside pollution sources (i.e. cell towers/smart meters.)


The homes will also be designed for natural, healthy air quality and innate resistance to mold as well This project will hopefully unfold over the next few years as we reach out to philanthropists passionate about the cause and the social enterprise business model.


We have a great network of technical, progressive talent and one day hope to see the home converted into something that is as healthy as the great outdoors, only mores because it provides a steady, moderate climate and physical shelter. 


I hope the above information helps.



Wow, this is fascinating. I did not realize how in depth this could be. All this interference from the technology we have set up that we must now set up defenses to protect ourselves against.  Seems crazy.  I always feel a little better when going for a swim in the ocean.  It helped me cure some infections, such as eye  and skin infections, faster... I believe!! Is there a way to research into this new way of building on the internet?  I know you cannot post links, but is there a company name I can type in to search for a site?


Hi there,


If you set as your goal a home environment as healthy as the great outdoors, you will find the right path. Carefully consider the appropriateness of everything you put into areas where you spend your time.


The most advanced awareness is all in German with somewhat diluted distribution and applications of the knowledge in North America. I'm not sure how much awareness is in other parts of Europe. Building Biology is the name in English. Bau Biologie in German. 


You will find the odd natural builder around who has had at least some level of training (there are several levels of training) but so far, I do not know of anyone who has accomplished all of the goals of our organization. Until we have funding, we will not be accomplishing much and I'm in a housing transition at the moment so not devoting great amounts of time to active fund seeking at the moment.





Happy New Year to you, too, my friend!  There is a book called "Earthing" where they believe contact with wet grass on your bare feet helps align your body with natural earth electrical forces and will bring your body into a healthier state. 


The author of the book has a company that sells products such as mats that you can plug into your wall to "ground" it to attain a similar natural electrical state. Not sure if this works or not. They do talk about bare foot walks on a beach as healthy, too!


I went bare foot as a child so much and we never thought anything of it!

Hellooooo LM, so great to hear from you!! I remember walking barefoot constantly, I had callouses on my feet.  I walked over a pile of broken glass once by accident, reading my little brother's report card. lol. He bragged to his friends about that for years. I never thought of wet grass.  I will have to try that in my yard. I do not like the idea of using anything that you would plug in though, using electricity, I like to go more for the natural feeling and naturally charged things. I use crystals.  I cleanse them in sea salts then charge them accordingly, ie. in moon light or sun light, etc. I just wish this one for bringing me my perfect partner would work. lol. I keep meeting guys that are jerks. Guess I have not found right crystal for that. lol. I keep trying.  I'm going to find this "Earthing" book and give it a read.  Can you tell me the name of the author?




I read the most interesting phrase for a single person and thought, "I'll stash that away". Didn't know it might come in handy today. It goes, "Dance with God and he will allow the perfect man for you to cut in." 


I am so happily married that I pray the same for you. It's never perfect but it's wonderful and keeps getting better. He has been with me through all of this emotional and physical cleansing that this "getting well" has entailed from so many different areas in our lives together.


I have not read the book so this is not a recommendation as I am still exploring this subject. Here in Texas to go barefoot in grass opens you up to parasites from the warm weather here.


You can find the book on, "Earthing: the Most Important Health Discovery Ever?"

There are three authors,

Hi LM,

Yes, in Florida, I do not go in the soil barefoot because of parasites and ringworm here as well.  It's very humid and hot here. But I always walk barefoot in the sand at the beach any time I get a chance.

That is a beautiful saying LM. I am very spiritual and feel lucky to have closeness to God and Jesus. I did some deep meditations and requested some arch angels to assist me with healing in the beginning, and some angels to protect against the attack of the candida. They not only help us to heal, but also protect us from attacks, of any kind. Just gotta know what to ask for. I will keep that saying close to my heart as I feel I am always with God, as close as I can get anyway. Jesus is my inspiration.  Maybe I have already had the partner I was supposed to have, and he had to move on ahead. ?  I always keep those possibilities in mind. 

Thank you for the info. on the book.  I am going to look for this soon. Right now I am reading From Good to Great, by Jim Collins.  More of a business culture book, very interesting. 

Happy MUnDay!! It's so great to know you. 




It's interesting that you mention angels. I am doing a more extended study about them right now and new information seems to keep crossing my path. So far I've discovered that they are protectors, messengers, helpers, warriors for us and servants to God who do his will. Wow, your prayers have given me some direction on the kind of prayers I need to be praying regarding the angels. It's true, we need to know what to ask for and then we will receive. I believe in the power of prayers. 


I am also collecting scripture references to healing. There is a great little book by Charles Capp called "God's Creative Power for Healing" that I have been referencing for letters that I write to friends and family who need this, too.

It's great to know you, too!

Oh wow, that is so great. I may bump this book ahead of the earthing book. I have a membership at Barnes and Noble.  lol. have to. It already paid for itself in less than 8 weeks.  I bought books for all my nieces and nephews at Christmas. I paid 25 for membership, saved 43 on purchase. Yep, already saved me a bunch. My first book was Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels by Richard Webster. He walks you through how to make contact with your guides through meditation.  Also suggests, and this is where this came in handy for my healing, calling on 4 arch angels to assist you with making contact.  It is so important to use protection when doing this.  As you know, when you open yourself up to channel, you open yourself up to darkness as well. He is very good about covering all of this in his book. Anyhoo, maybe this should be private convo?  lol.


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