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Have you heard of Dr. Biamonte? Do you agree with his method of treatment? I recently became a patient and was very disheartened to receive a letter that states he does not attempt to cure disease. Do you have to give out the same letter? And how much would it cost me if I wanted to get on your anticandida program?
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I'm sorry, I am not familiar with Dr. Biamonte. Could it be that your doctor's philosophy is to not "cure disease" but rather, that your body has the ability to return to it's natural balance? I certainly don't want to speak for him, maybe you should ask him what this means if you aren't clear on it.
The complete program would last from 4 - 6 weeks depending on the amount you use and the number of times per day you use it. (Complete mixing instructions are included.) This will vary with each individual, as will the number of months needed. In Colet Lahoz study, she found the average length of time on the program to be 11 months.
Dr. Michael Biamonte, D.N runs the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition. I found his web site very interesting because he claims to have the only truly accurate blood test for Candida, called the Candisphere, and because he uses a treatment approach that rotates four different remedies at four day intervals, in order to make it difficult for Candida to adapt to any specific treatment. The main drawback I found is that he is located in New York and apparently treats by appointment only. His treatment program does not appear to be available via the Web, although I have not called him to confirm this.

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Well, i see my reply might be a few years late! Anyway, I recently became a patient of Dr. Biamonte and yes, I received the letter stating that he does not "cure disease" etc. I think this must be done because Candida itself IS NOT a disease--it is a natural inhabitant of our bodies. Under certain circumstances it can reproduce wildly and cause us to feel ill in various ways. Also the letter might be a "disclaimer" of sorts since he is not an MD. Just a guess. So far so good with Dr. Biamonte...
I've tried stuff from Dr. Biamonte and have some serious doubts as to how well it works. It may have been that i ate too much oil with the program or carbs (oatmeal, margarine, etc.)but it's very expensive. He calls you once a month or so and the appointments cost, of course. I think i saw more progress on another system from Utah, which also uses herbals and is also expensive. I would have kept going with the first one i tried from Utah, but i ran out of money and kinda gave up. Now if i can come up with some denero, i may try this one or a combination. Oh yeah, i think it was called the Candida Wellness Center or something like that. I wish that someone will develop "targeting" drugs or microorganisms that will quickly destroy candida. I'm not talking about months either. I want days or a week. That would be wonderful. YOu know, like the cancer drugs that zoom in on the cancer-why can't they do that with candida? I know it's possible-someone just needs to do it.
Candiboy - many many candidiasis sufferers are "looking for the quick fix". The only way you will ever rid yourself is by sticking to the diet and a complete program.

This *will* require from you commitment... This is why when people are asking me for a doc I always highly impress upon them their OWN responsibility to rid themselves of candidiasis.

It is your choice of lifestyle/diet that has gotten you to this point of your illness, it is now your responsibility to change.

Just a comment on how long the program lasts. I find that with using 1 Tbs of Caprol and 1 tbs Bentonite 2X daily (recommended dosage), the bottle of Caprol only lasts for 2-1/2 weeks, and the Bentonite will last for a month. Also, the psyllium at 1 tbs 2X daily runs through that pretty quickly too. I have reduced my dosage on this to about 1/2 to 3/4 tbs to stretch it more. This does get to be expensive to keep up with it. This comes to about $100 per month, or a little more, and this doesn't even count the probiotics and digestive enzymes, plus whatever other supplements a person might need (such as magnesium). This can all easily come to $200 a month. As I receive one order of Caprol, I am coming online to put the order in for the next bottle, to be sure there is no break in treatment. Also, looking ahead to Phase III...that is going to be quite costly to keep up for 3 months as each package of Kolorex only has 40 tabs, if I remember correctly, and you build up to several a day, plus the HSO, which you build up to 6 a day, if I also remember that correctly. Add to this the cost of trying to purchase organic veggies/meat (which do cost a fair amt more).

To be honest, the cost is a little frustrating. I am scraping it along as I feel I don't have a choice, and also in all my research, it became clear to me that it was of prime importance to clean up the colon, etc. for any anti-fungals and diet to have any effect. However, my mother in law most likely has a Candida problem. She could never afford this program. She lives on a minimal, fixed income and this would break her. She is older, minimal work skills, has a language barrier, health problems prevent her from what little work she does do, which is babysitting...so it wouldn't be a matter of priority, she just flat out could not afford this.

I would let others know of this site (and already have), and I will continue on through the program for the year. My only comment is that it isn't cheap. Of course, bad health doesn't end up being cheap either, but it does take a bit of planning and budgeting to stay on top of this, I would hazard a guess, for most of us.

The cost of this program *is* minimal - I have seen 27+ doctors over 9-10 years. In all those years I was given MANY prescription drugs - one of them was $85 every 3-4 weeks (that is ONLY ONE of the drugs). Also - to see a naturopath to go the natural route will cost you between $300-500 to get in for a consultation and then the prices go way up from there - not to mention their own 'programs' they will put you on.

Over all - this program is very reasonable - and because it is well researched and proven over time, your complete recovery is certain if you stick to the diet with it.

Yes, Wendy, some of my choices and lifestyle has created more problems. Growing up i rarely smoked or drinked and never did illegal drugs, but i did have a sweet tooth, occasionally. I excercised a lot and did sports, etc.. What about the doctors responsibilities, though? Sorry-i'm not trying to badmouth all physicians, but there are many who are ignorant concerning antibiotic abuse. Truth be told, i'm not sure how i ended up with a CDR, but surely me taking antibiotics had something to do with it. Doctors prescribe it like candy and most i daresay would never imagine recommending acidophillis or other preventive measure afterwards. Same with some dentists-they refuse to believe mercury fillings can hurt or overload your body. So what i'm trying to say is i wish more doctors were responsible and more people would open their mouths. If i ever get better, maybe i should write some of the people who disregarded my personal feelings and took my money. smile Maybe someday they will believe.
Its all a part of *learning*. Same thoughts on your parents, 'what of those who have had terrible parents?' Were they responsible for that parenting when they were young children? NO.... but when they grow up they are now capable and able to make other choices, and not put themselves in the care of those people again. You cannot change the past, but you alone can do something about NOW, and the future.

Being proactive health-wise is going forward, and not looking back. It will also help the mental health attitude immensely to think this way :-)


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