Detox the Poisons Out

If you live on this planet, then you're exposed to toxins every day. How many and to what extent, may vary with where you live and what you eat, but you are exposed.


It's very important to do a detox cleanse periodically for just that reason.


There are so many different kinds to do that it can be confusing. The question is, what are you detoxing for? Heavy metals, parasites, clogged colon... they all have a specific purpose.


If you have any health issues, I recommend doing a complete detox. You won't be sorry you did.

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The lifestyle, diet, and product approach the Whole Approach site guides and supplies represents a total transformation and detoxification for people living the Standard North American Lifestyle and diet.  


Clearing excess pathogens out of the colon (which we all have to some degree or another), soaking up residual wastes in the intestinal tract, cleaning up the diet, increasing vegetable intake and concentrating on the purity of our wholesome food intake and increasing our body awareness of how we respond to foods, is a substantially important phase of the detoxification process. Replacement of beneficial organisms in the digestive system is equally important. The instructions and products in the phases of the Whole Approach candida program address all of the above and Daily Detox tea is a gentle support that can complement all of this in the early phases. There are also immune supporting herbs provided in the online store and even some to help combat infection.


Once the early stages of the program have been healthfully adjusted to and any related die off or healing crises passed, further, deeper detoxification is possible through the addition of other supporting herbs. Please let me know if you need assistance as you read through the forum.


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