Desperatly need some guidance...

Ok, Ill try to keep this short and to the point. I have had candida bad for over 9 years and I fell into a bad depression at first and used to eat only junk food and I was smoking pot heavily and just very emotionally unstable for many years. The docters kept making recomendations but they seemed to always fall short..I started really loosing my mind for many years. Recently I hit my rock bottom and ending up at a place called HRC which diagnosis natural casues for addciton/depression including candida. They gave me antifungals oil of oregano and a suplement pill containing caprlic acid and for there diet they just said no fruit, vinegar or mushrooms for a month. They already didnt allow sugar, becuase of hypoglycemia and from the allergy/intolerance tests I had allergies to gluten. casein, eggs, soy, corn. I was eating tons of cashews during this time as they said this was fine. I never made any progress...and things continued to fall apart. I have been making huge strides with my diet...I havnt eatin cookies, fruit, bread, milk, soy or eggs..i have eaten some small amounts of corn..I eat only organic meats and mostly organic vegetables. I have been taking all these supplements along with psillium daily and also a charcoal/bentonite cleaner...still no results...I had stopped eating the cashews becuase I came acorss some info that stated they werent good for candida removal. Then last night I had some...and my candida is all flared up, hocking up tons of mucus, abdominal pain, bloating, diareah is all worst then normal (which is always really bad). Then I started looking more into this website which I discovered years ago but never really took much notice to. I finally looked at the diet sheet and I feel this is it...all the diets I have tried have not made me any progress. Im oefully going to be ordering the supplments and getting started with this program very soon...Im desperate to make progress with this..thanks for the support
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Welcome to the forum! This is a great place for support! Tarilee, I'll wonderful moderator will be here on Tuesday.

You've made great strides. Keep it up. Don't be too hard on yourself when you have a relapse. It's part of the learning process.

Let us know how you're doing!

Ive been through so much. This started back in 2003 and I knew it was my gut (problems since I was young). I tested for candida positive but never could stay on the diet they gave me. I have tried to clean up my diet but over the years the depression was too overwelming. Now I am sober and I have been through a recovery program that deals with candida some. The thing is that when I tested for candida it came back negative. The said that that was probaBLY becuase my immune system stopped fighting it. I know in my heart I still have it...severely. Their plan for candida is capyrlic acid (pill form), oil or oregano, probitoics, and diflucan. Other antifungals llike olive leaf, garlic, pau t arco are optional. I did food allergy tests and tested as having intolernace to gluten, casein, soy, egg, corn. I wonder if these could be false readins from the candida. On top of that I found out I have pyroluria, high histamine, hypoglycemia, and very low levels of both testosterone and estrogen (im male). They sell and promote many supplements which I have been taking. Unfortuanly it is part of there business to get people hooked on these supplements. I dont want to take these forever and I have been recomended to take MANY. The diet didnt work. A main staple was cashew butter that I was eating. I had nonstop diareah then. Now I have been off sugar and fruit, gluten, casein, egg, soy and mostly off corn for 2 months. I have stopped eating rice which was a huge staple also. I have read research about dangers of grains especially when combined with meat. I do eat rice crackers. My diet has cleaned up considerably. The supplements seem to help some but still things dont seem to be progressing in my gut. I discovered this page long ago and I am just now really looking at it, at the makes so much sense...and I think that since the message board overwelmingly seems like this is succesful It is my only option. Hopefully my parents will help support getting the supplements so I can get started and with the recipes I should be on my way soon...however, my first question is about the supplements I already have. Which are important if any considering I have this severe candida. I take Multi Vit, Vit C, B complex, Fish oil, caprylic acid (pill), oil of oregano (tincture), just finished a round of diflucan (not getting more...), enzymes, amino acids, melatonin, dhea, testosterone cream, iodoral, probiotics. It is my new understanding that taking probiotics is pointless while Im trying to kill with antifungals. Is there danger of taking more than one antifungal. I also have grapeseed extract pills. I sort of want to use this stuff up before I get started with the whole approach plan. I also have been taking Entera Klenz (actiated charcoal with bentonite) and psillium husks twice a day.

Im anxious to get started. I dont mind eating this way...Im just frustrated I have missed the last 8 years of my life clouded by this.
I have also done the spit test which rsults in lots of roots and sinking of mucus.
My syptoms are: excessive mucus from lungs, some conspitaion (no relief feeling after bowels), I have regular bowels though, back pain, abdominal bloating/soarness, muscle soarness, extreme fatige, extreme dry mouth not quenched by water, foggy head, depression, shakyness, off balance, very mild acne, skin could be healthier looking. premature grey hairs...from stress? nasal congestion, shallow breathing.

Alot of times I feel I have bacteria overload in my lungs also, and also feel like my back pain and lack of exercise contributes. I will have questions about specific foods next. But for now Im just curious about the supplements. I want to finish this stuff up and also know what is important to get more off..I feel many of my other problems will go away once I start fixing my gut. Thank you for the support.
Welcome Orakulla,

It sounds like your body is sceaming out for detoxification and nourhishment. It's great that you've reached out beyond your current understanding and are trying to learn new ways of caring for your body. Good for you for all the work you've done thus far towards your recovery. It sounds like it's inevitable that you'll find what you need to feel well.

We provide rather general advice and coaching for folks following the Whole Approach food therapy and product protocol. As you read your way through the introductory information here, I imagine that you'll encounter many 'ah ha' moments about elements of your self care and dietary choices that have been working against you all this time. I hope that we can provide the inspiration, knowledge and products that you need to find a way to relief and lasting healthy.

Once your immune and nutritional balance has improved and the environment in your colon optimized, you will start to feel a lot better. In the meantime you're going to learn lots about what foods do and don't work for candida issues, and for you. I'd steer clear of all nuts and seeds for a little while and definitely stay off the cashews for good. They are a slightly toxic, somewhat mouldy and very starchy/fatty food.

Do visit our Getting Started section. Here's a link to the welcome page.

It takes a lot of independence and reading to learn to heal via an online forum but all the information you need to make a big difference in your own self awareness and self care is right here. Please let me know if you need clarification on anything you read here.

Take good care,

I have printed and been reading over the materials. This all makes alot of sense. So some questions to get started. Is sun dried tomatoes ok? Is sausage ok if its organic meat? My body seemed to reject the chicken sausage i had today (organic, no weird ingredients). For stage one and the limit foods. How often can you have them. Is it one serving per day or every 4 days? Any recomendations on baby step type meals to get started with? I have been eating very healthy but need to take it further.. Is it bad to eat the same thing everyday? I realize alot of this information is probably already on here. Another question, with the La Croix sparkaing water, are flavors like orange ok? I have been going for the lemon and lime...just curious.

Any suggestions of good started staple meals to get started with. I have been eating steamed veggies and pan fried meat (cast iron skillet, olive oil) mostly...some tuna on lettuce, was eating hummus but with rice crackers, which is probably a no no...I realize there are alot of recipes on here. I am allergic to gluten, casein, egg, soy, corn ontop of these candida restrictions. Thanks for all the help. I should be ordering the phase one supplements soon. Are the probiotics effective to take now or should they wait til a later phase?
Hi orakulla,

I know there are a lot of questions in the beginning so let me see if i can help a little if my rusty memory serves me!

Probiotics are an integral part of candida-busting and should be taken at all times to replenish good bacteria in the intestines.

I wouldn't think sausage of any kind would be a good idea--I stay away from it myself and stick to one type of protein per meal--i.e. chicken, turkey, hen, filet mignon etc. and then add one type of veggie and one grain (if needed). And I don't eat the same things every day.

If you do a search on "rotation diet," "sun dried tomatoes,"--which I believe are off limits but can't at present remember why--and "flavored water" past posts on those topics will pop up for you. i would also look at the recipe section and see what appeals to you...

Please let us know how you're getting on!

Ashley wave1
Thanks for mentioning 1 protein, 1 veggie, 1 grain. I think I need to stick with that, too.

Do you get bored with that? Sorry to ask that. I love a mixed salad with every veggie I can find in the house. Do you eat that?

Just figuring out how everything is working for me. Not feeling as good and I have to get back on track again!

Happy Birthday soon!

Hi Orakella,

Sun dried tomatoes can be a bit sweet so I wouldn't have them too often and only if you healthfully tolerate tomatoes.

As long as the sausage is free of smoke flavour, msg and hormones, I would say it's ok. It's cured sausage that presents a problem (the kind that you buy cooked already.)

As for the frequency limit foods, the instructions are referring to daily servings. The every four days refers to the space you leave between days of using a food if you are rotating foods. Even if you don't have a lot of allergies (which is the reason people rotate), it's a good idea not to eat the same grain, protein (nut, bean, seed, meat, egg) more than once every few days if you can help it. This is a casual rotation.

Try to get your own organic flavours and use those as many substances labelled 'natural flavours' contain chemicals. Flavorganics is a great company.

The foods you're suggesting sound fine for the most part.You are eating healthfully. You won't have too much trouble following the instructions as you're already eating so close to them.

I've been eating minus the foods you mention you're sensitive to (except the odd egg) for many years and I eat lots of variety. Our recipe forums are full of great options for you!

And probiotics are very helpful ALL the time!

Take good care,


PS Have you read the welcome post? I think I linked it for you previously.
Thank you so much for the help. Yes, I have been doing really well with the diet. Stopped eating wheat and junk food at the end of July. Got off the sugar/fruit about half way through August. I still binge on some things. My body needs detoxification though. I'm planning on getting supplements and I think I will be getting supported with about 100 a month from my parents for this. They are running at there end with supporting supplements becuase they have been supporting and buying me all types of supplements for a while now. So to strip this down into laments terms: I need the purge drink, 2 times a day (capylic,bentonie,psillium). Probiotics taken in between meals. Follow the diet. Combine foods properly (the fruit rule doesn't apply to limes, lemons, avocados right?) I still havnt dove into the whole cranberry thing. I checked out the RW Knudsen just cranberry juice but it has tons of natural sugar so I was hesitant. Is there a limit or some guidlines using this? And can you explain the limit foods and how often I should eat them. I've been trying to rotate what I eat somewhat. Right now I have been frying ground meat with various vegetables. Celery/Almond butter. Unsweetened hemp milk. Salads with tuna. I was doing hummus on rice crackers. I have printed out these recipes but many of them contain things Im trying to stay away from like dairy. Is GHEE dairy? I have tested with intolerances to casein and also eggs and soy which seem to pop up in lots of recipes. I guess I should rotate these in to see how my body responds? I dont want to eat gluten or milk producs or sugar or anything ever again. I would like to eat small amounts of corn, soy, egg eventually. Also is the food combining thing something that I can be looser about at some point? I'm still transitioning right now. I finished up my xylitol which I had been using a lot (was told it was ok). Been eating the right nuts, and trying to follow the combining rules. Thanks again for all the help. I'll update once I get the purging drink ingredients. I'm going to try it for a month and see if Im feeling noticable results.
Hi there,

I'm pleased to hear that you have a bit of help from your folks. I'll reply to your post in the order of your questions below.

purge drink, 2 times a day - Yes, work up to twice a day though.

Probiotics taken in between meals. -Yes.

Follow the diet. Yes.

Combine foods properly (the fruit rule doesn't apply to limes, lemons, avocados right?)Yes.Correct.

You won't want to combine a full serving of lemon with beans or meat but otherwise, yes, you can be more flexible with these and lemon juice or lime juice with anything is fine.

Re cranberry juice:
If you find the unsweetened cranberry juice you'll be fine. Usually it is so concentrated, you can dilute it several times with water.

The limit food guidelines are in the Diet instruction section. The instructions are based on daily use.

A 'somewhat' rotation is better than none and if you're not having a lot of allergies, may well be sufficient. Grains, nuts/seeds and proteins are the most important to rotate.

Your foods sound fine except for tuna. In the Diet FAQ section, you'll find safer fish recommendations. Tuna is high in mercury and should be totally avoided.

Ghee is free of almost the allergenic components that most commonly contribute to dairy allergies.

We have a post about soy in the Diet FAQ's as well as it is a food to be cautious with. It's best to eat it just occasionally if at all and to only use traditionally prepared, fermented soy products. Egg is a food to be cautious with, but if you're not yet allergic to it, you may be able to use it occasionally or a couple of times a week. Organic corn is a limit but even the organic corn CAN be allergenic. Most of us have been over exposed to corn severely for years through it's prevalence in the food supply.

Food combining is important as a digestive support but everyone is different in their need to follow it. Experiment and see what works for you.

I don't like xylitol as it's a food alcohol and it can cause problems. You can search our forum for past discussions on it.

Take care to soak your nuts and seeds and hopefully this will be a food you can continue to enjoy.

Take good care and be gentle with yourself as you adjust to so many changes.

Originally posted by Tarilee:

Try to get your own organic flavours and use those as many substances labelled 'natural flavours' contain chemicals. Flavorganics is a great company.

Hi Tarilee,
I had a question related to this, and I looked up Flavorganics -- in at least one of their sweeteners, they use evaporated cane juice ... aren't we supposed to stay away from any of that ? Is there a particular flavor you would recommend? Or is it okay because its in such small doses?

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