*Delicious Brownies

Maxy & Ashley,

Thanks for the compliments! I have a large sweet tooth for motivation!

Carob is allowed on this diet and is considered a limit food. This recipe is a low glycemic limit recipe either way (because of the arrowroot powder), but I assume carob would make it a higher glycemic limit. Still fine to eat though!

And just to let you know, the wondercocoa brand of cocoa is 99.7% caffeine-free. They use all natural methods to press the cocoa beans and eliminate the caffeine - I called the company to get the details and make sure no chemicals or anything was used or added.

Tarilee recommends being cautious of the wondercocoa in case the .03% caffeine will bother you, or in case it triggers a binge reaction, like Ashley mentioned. I have had absolutely no problem eating it, but it is always good to be cautious, and reactions to foods are quite individual. I am pretty sensitive to caffeine, but that minute amount did not bother me at all. I prefer this over carob because of the taste and because it is sugar-free, whereas carob has natural sugar in it. Because of this, I personally don't count the wondercocoa as a limit. Hope that info helps.

Enjoy this either way you make it!


PS - this is the basis for my cake recipe. I just made the cake, but made chocolate frosting and vanilla cake (using almonds instead of sunflower seeds), and it worked out well. Just an alternate idea, but I don't think the sunflower seeds would work with vanilla because of their strong flavor.
Thanks so much for the yellow cake idea!! I have been so hungry for yellow cake, but couldn't figure out how to get one made. Do you just use the regular icing and put wondercocoa in it?
I have been thinking of you and am really sorry you are not feeling well now. I have also agonized over if/when to take the antifungals, so I understand that. I still have not started on them again. I just get so miserable I am hateful to my husband and not the best day-care Mom and then I feel so guilty and it becomes a vicious cycle Mad I am planning to get back on them after the holidays-we'll see.
Hey Wendy--boy do I hear you on the antifungals front!! After my past binge, every time I put caprol anywhere near my body I become another person and have to go off of it for fear I'll drive everyone away--it's a terrible problem, but I;ve decided that once i move back home hwere I can confine myself a little, I'll give it a real go. Right now I'm not in a place where I can treat myself as well as I need to...Good luck to you on that front--I'll let you know how it goes!! Smile
May I ask what kind of oil you use in these (and in baking in general)? I have been using olive oil up until now, but then someone told me that because of the strong taste of olive oil, it might not be the best choice for cooking.

Thank you so much!


If it calls for oil in a recipe, I always use olive oil (including this recipe). I started doing it years before going on this diet, and never noticed the flavor difference. Especially in something with a strong flavor (like these brownies) you definitely don't have to worry about it. If you think the flavor will be noticeable, then you could try melting coconut oil and using that in it's place - just keep in mind that it solidifies when it's cool. Melted butter can also be a substitute.

Enjoy your brownies!

Hi all,

Monica in New York here, grateful to have found you all and this wonderful site. Tia, just wanted to thank you for the brownie recipe, which I tried and loved tonight!

When I first started this diet a few weeks ago, I was so depressed about the few things left that I could eat, I was a mess! But this forum and the wonderful innovative recipes have given me hope that I can actually do this...and have fun with it!


Just new to this forum and eating for my candida condition which has been pretty serious. I'm a bit confused about what is allowable but trying to eat no sugars for a few weeks at least but this is so boring...........hence looking for some things I can make myslef to break the boredom as I introduce some fruit and other things. Not aware of any serious allergies either but know I must stay off wheat flour products and possibly rice both pretty hard in this country.

It's great to find so many tried and tested recipes and such a supportive environment.

My questions include
What is vegitable glycerine and how important to the recipe is it?

If rice is off the list, is it ok to use rice flour for cooking?????

I'm back working in China where there are just so many things I cannot find yet like alternative flours but I am working on this. Or they are available but I don't know how to ask for them.

Appreciate your answers and your recipes. Looking forward to trying some of them when I get all the ingredients and an oven!
Hi Oz,
I can't imagine dealing with candida issues in a foreign country. We are fortunate in the U.S. to have many health food stores. There is even one in my tiny town! I know that folks here talk about ordering many things online but they aren't permitted to provide websites.
Vegetable glycerine looks like Karo syrup and is great for sweetening. I mix it with maple extract to use on pancakes. It is used for cosmetic purposes but also edible. I was able to find it in my little local store.
I am new too. I know that I wouldn't be able to stay on this (2 1/2 weeks so far) if it weren't for using some of the tips on here. I have only made one thing that I threw out. The Italian skillet bread was the best. I don't always have the ingredients so I improvise where necessary.
HI Julie

You'll see that Wondercocoa is on Tarilee's list of foods to be cautious with (hence the asterisk). I made this recipe yesterday. I used carob powder instead of Wondercocoa. For the cake part, I doubled all the ingredients but I used the same amount suggested in the form of carob instead of Wondercocoa (i.e. I used 3T carob to 1 cup sunflower seeds etc.). I used just 1 tsp carob powder in the chocolate sauce.

Also it's better to use arrowroot powder than corn starch (which is another ingredient to be cautious of).

They turned out very tasty.

I have been making this recipe for a while, but last week was out of almost all my ingrediants, so I used almond flour, and I used some tapioca flour with the arrowroot, to make the 1/4 cup and I used agave instead of vegetable glycerin. they turned out very good, more heavy than cake like. I have also used ground hazelnuts instead of sunflower seeds, and that was good too.
Hi girls,
Thanks for the welcome and the answers to my question. I've been managing quite well if I don't have to eat out. A bit hard here sometimes as the Chinese love to entertain in restarants where many dishes have loads of either MSG, salt, sugar and suspect oils.

Anyway I have made buckwheat tabouleh which is delicious (see recipe posted), sprouting my own beans, making smoothies for breakfast, eating a little fruit again and finally found buckwheat flour and a few other grains and thier flours, and have bought an oven so I can now try some of your great recipes.

After a three week detox diet followed by little deviation from strictly no sugar, I will be back on the target again for the next month or two looking forward to some treats around Christmas. I'll see if family can send me over some of the substiutes along with a few other necessities and goodies.

Thanks again for all the great information, recipes and encouragement
Regular cocoa is not ok, because it has caffeine in it. I use Wondercocoa because it has the caffeine naturally removed from it by a press method (no chemicals added at all - I spoke to the company). Tarilee still recommends caution with it though, as cocoa is a fermented food. I personally had no problems eating it, and I know many others who did not as well. With cocoa in general, there tends to be horrible labor practices involed getting the cocoa beans, and they tend to get high doses of pesticides. So those are two other reasons Tarilee doesn't really advise it. While I haven't had health issues with it, I don't like the labor practices.....and buying organic fair trade avoids those issues, but gives you caffeine. So recently I've been using carob powder instead....not sure if that is a permanent switch for me or not.... So the decision is up to you with the wondercocoa vs carob. If you do go with the wondercocoa, just take note of if it effects you at all. Tarilee says that some people will get binge-like reactions or maybe allergic responses. A food diary can help you determine that.

This is my very first post, but I had to thank you for this recipe! I have been following this diet for nearly 5 months and was so excited to find this websight with all the recipes...especially for the "sweet treats!" I am excited to try the chocolate cake with buttercream icing for my birthday in March. It is awesome to have some alternatives to the junk that I used to put in my body. I told my mom today that I could go for the rest of my entire life without knowingly eating sugar, just to feel this good! Thanks again for the great recipe!
wave3 wierd_toes

Im new to all of the these new recipies and found yours sound delicious!

Could you please give me a idiea of the quantities of each ingredient for your chocolate sauce please or a rough idea?

Does 'T' in the recipie for brownies mean tablespoon?

And do you know if this brownie recipie is ok for someone just starting the canida diet?

Thanks Smile
Hi Sunset and welcome to the forum! Tarilee, our moderator, is on Tuesdays and fridays to answer our questions, but she doesn't frequent the recipe section. You should post all your diet questions in the candida diet q&a section to get the full benefit! bouncepink

If you use the find function to do a search on "cocoa" with Tarilee as the author, you'll find her opinion on it, and her cautions. That said, this recipe is low carb and absolutely DELICIOUS--I"ve been making it for years! It's fine for the stage one diet is you tolerate all the ingredients and have no adverse effects from cocoa... Winky
Right im having a nightmare using this site .It wont let me leave a post or reply for the questions about diet part thats if i'm doing it right No
.All i want to do is ask the lady weird-eos who makes the lovely chocolate sauce for brownies what the measurements are for ingredients. What does the T stand for in the measurements for he brownies recipie explode
Can someone help please!!!
hi sunset,
'T' should stand for Tablespoon, while a small 't' would be teaspoon.
i don't know the measurements for the chocolate sauce, but if i were you i'd start off with a couple Tablespoons of coconut oil/butter, a few teaspoons of cocoa. then add stevia and veggie glycerin until it tastes sweet enough (but start off with just a bit). you can always add more coconut oil or cocoa until the sauce is right.
i hope it works out for you. Smile

Johanna is right with the measurements: T=tablespoon and t=teaspoon for all of my recipes.

And if you cannot tolerate cocoa, you can use carob powder in its place. I no longer use Wondercocoa simply because I prefer to use fair trade organic cocoa (to not support the horrible labor practices in the cocoa industry). But regular coca has caffeine in it...If you choose to use the Wondercocoa, it is like 99.7% caffeine free, which is its benefit (they remove the caffeine without chemicals, using a natural "press" process).

If you go with carob powder, I think you can still have these in the beginning of the diet, but just one serving at a time, as a Limit food (the carob is high in natural sugars). If you use Wondercocoa, just keep track to see if you have any reactions to the cocoa, and keep in mind that it's not recommended by Tarilee. And regular cocoa isn't recommended in the early stages because of the caffeine (but might be okay in small doses later on). I hope that helps!

Hi Tia

Thanks for getting back to me with the information and advice. Cant wait to make this recipie for the brownies . I'm was hoping you would have a rough idea of the measurements for the chocolate sauce and you could pass them on to myself!
I might have a go at knocking up some recipies in the near future!
Keep up the good work on the recipies!
Thanks again! Smile
I'm fairly new to this site.
I am just re-thinking my way of eating and have been very strict with the diet which I have been on since May. That alone changed my life from feeling horrible every day to almost feeling normal.
I just started on anti-fungal meds and in the past two weeks have been have terrible sweet cravings.
I made these brownies - OMG - I thought I died and went to heaven.
Thank you so much.
Maryann, I'm with ya!! I made these after a few months on the diet and I almost cried.! It was like eating real food again!

Thanks, Ashley, for the veggie glycerin tip. I always get mine at the health food store. Smallish bottle for $6. I'm going to try googleing it.

Hi holdtheglutton! If your having a serious craving right now, you can get it at the health food store, like I mentioned, but sometimes it's in the beauty aisle. I had a heck of a time the first time I looked for it and no one had a clue what I was talking about. My new store has it by the spices. You might try Ashley's Lemon Loaf. Very tasty also!


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