*Delicious Brownies

Hey guys, I'm so excited right now because I experimented and came up with an awesome, and ridiculously easy, brownie recipe! They actually have the texture and flavor of regular brownies! I took my skillet bread recipe and got creative with it, and it somehow turned out great the first time around. It will need some touch-ups, but I thought I'd at least post the initial recipe for now, because who knows when I'll get time to revamp it.

½ c raw sunflower seeds (ground up in blender)
1 ½ tsp baking powder
¼ c *corn starch or arrowroot powder
½ - ¾ tsp stevia/chicolin mix*** (approx)
3 T *wondercocoa (TLC prefers Cocoa Camino alkalized organic cocoa)
¾ T oil
¼ c water
1 egg
2 T vegetable glycerine

Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly. Add wet ingredients and stir just until mixed – be careful not to stir it too much because it will change the consistency. Fry in skillet like pancakes or else pour into a brownie pan & bake in preheated oven @ 350 degrees (not sure how long, approx 10 min?)- both ways work well. This makes a small batch (I didn't want to make too much at first in case it was a flop), so you might want to double it. I think the brownies could have been a little sweeter, and if that is the case for you, there are 2 ways to make up for it: 1)make the chocolate sauce listed below and drizzle it on top (or douse them with it if you're like me! Big Grin

) 2)just sprinkle some stevia/chicolin mix over the top of them when they come out.

***The stevia/chicolin mix is definitely an approximate amount. I'm at the bottom of my container and it seems like I've had to use more and more of the mix to achieve the same taste as I previously did, so I think the stevia didn't mix all the way through the container and that what I used was predominantly chicolin. So be careful with how much you use, adjust it to your own taste. Just make sure you don't stir the mix too much! Remember you can sprinkle it on top when they are done, if you want to avoid stirring it more.

Luscious Chocolate Sauce
Coconut oil (melted)
Stevia/chicolin mix
Vegetable glycerine

Mix together in warm pan and pour over brownies (once they are done). (Don't add the stevia/chicolin if the mix is super hot, it just clumps. Wait until it is moderately hot or warm.) Serve while still warm. (Sorry, I didn't measure the ingredients- When I revamp both recipes I'll get more precise measurements.)

Enjoy! Big Grin


Original Post
Thanks Ashley! I am still planning on writing the candida diet cookbook. I have created 1 word document to keep track of my recipes, 1 for ideas that I would like to include in my cookbook (CRC info, resources, etc), and 1 of ideas for recipes that I need to create. But I'm trying not to spend too much time on it right now because I'm supposed to be studying for & taking the GREs, researching & choosing grad schools, and then going through the laborious (aka - pain in the ***) process of applying to schools. But as soon as I'm done with that whole process (probably January), then I'll really focus on the cookbook. I have one more year off before I have to go back to school, so I hope to get it written in that time.

Deja vous or is it vu? Whatever! Yes, it is so true, Tia. We can all find gluten free cookbooks and recipes, but they all have sugar of some sort or honey or maple syrup and it is rather disheartening, but a true gourmet candida cookbook would be a very welcome addition to my kitchen.

Sandi hearthrob
Ashley- yeah, I haven't been looking forward to it either, which is why I have procrastinated and put it off for far too long (quite typical of me wub . I exasperate myself). But I'm getting going on the process now.

Sandi- That's exactly what I thought, which is why I would like to write this cookbook. There are so many cookbooks out there, but I can only find bits & pieces in each that are valuable (food rotation charts OR a couple of ok recipes OR substituting advice). I can never find it all in one place, and they are never filled with recipes that are specific to our specific anti-candida diet. So when I write it, I am going to use the Whole Approach diet lists to create recipes we can eat, and hopefully have a decent amount of info/resources listed as well.

Jan- I can only hope that my cookbook would be good enough to be considered. But I don't want to get my hopes up...

Thanks so much for supporting me in this girls! That really helps to give me motivation.

Hey, Tia!
I love to cook and bake, but all these ingredients and ways of fixing things are new to me. So I have a question that I'm embarassed to ask, but gotta do it anyway. Unsure Are the sunflower seeds that you mention that you grind up, is it the entire seed or just the sunflower nut? Thanks for your help! And you go girl on that cookbook! Yes

Melodee wave1

Nonsense - don't feel embarassed! We all have questions like that here and there. You would just use the sunflower seeds themselves, without the shells. Just toss them in the blender and grind them up as fine as you can get them. There will usually be a few bigger pieces left in it, but it still works out well.


PS - last time I made them, I added a little bit more water (after letting them sit for a minute & they puffed up a little from the baking powder) and stirred it more. They ended up more like a cake & I was happy with the results. Now I just need to work on a frosting Winky .
Thanks, Tia, for your explanation. I can hardly wait for a chance to give them a whirl! If I could get my cravings for something sweet under control, I'd have this diet licked! Many times I just need a taste of something sweet at the end of a meal to satisfy me...I blame that on being *farm* raised. Smile

Thanks again!
Melodee wave1

Hi, you can find wondercocoa on the internet for about $5 plus S&H, but I get mine at Whole Foods Markets (some other natural foods stores might have it, or might be willing to order it for you). Unlike regular cocoa, this one is caffeine-free, so it is ok to eat at any stage (I'm pretty sure). Carob could be used too- it would be considered a Limit food in stage 1 because it still contains a decent amount of natural sugar.

Wondercocoa is 99.7% caffeine free. Which is good. The downside is that for some people, that 0.3% is enough to make them sick. As well, it does not claim to be organic, which raises issues with toxins (I usually don't care, but cocoa beans are one of those high pesticide/toxin foods). Cocoa Camino makes an organic cocoa powder, but I don't know the caffeine content.

From what I've read, most 100% cocoa powders have less than 1% caffeine content (they usually vary between 0.5 and 1).

Just an f.y.i. for people looking at these recipes and trying to judge whether it is right for them or not.

That's a good word of warning - thanks. Cocoa beans can have pesticides on them, and then there are some other major issues in the cocoa business (abuse of labor). For now, since we have so few options, I am still eating it. Most everything else I eat is organic, so I hope that one nonorganic item won't be too detrimental to me. But I'm keeping close track of my food diary to make sure no bad symptoms develop from it. I'm VERY sensitive to caffeine & I've actually never had this bother me. But if you do, carob powder is another alternative. I would MUCH prefer to eat organic cocoa, but I think regular cocoa has a decent amount of caffeine in it still. At least, according to the caffeine chart on the bottom of my tea box, it says:

Caffeine Meter:
expresso 160 mg
coffee 90 mg
cola 45 mg
chocolate bar 25 mg
decaf green tea 5 mg
decaf coffee 5 mg
herb tea 0 mg

Since we shouldn't even have decaf coffee, it sounds like the caffeine in organic cocoa would be way too much for us. I guess you just have to go with what you feel most comfortable with, and what seems right for your diet.


PS - when I write my cookbook, I will definitely include a discussion of the pros/cons of wondercocoa.
Tia...or anyone else who can help me,
I am dying to try this recipe and have managed to track down most of the ingredients. The only thing I can't seem to find is the chicolin. None of my local stores carry it. I found it online, but I'm sure it would be much more pricey that way. Also, I was wondering if there is any difference between the Wondercocoa and any other unsweetened cocoa brand?
Hi Julie,
I made these brownies last week and their wonderful. yippee

By the way I just figured out the whole chicolin/stevia thing.Wink I got my Chiclin from WA, I haven't seen it anywhere else. I bought my Stevia before starting WA. I got my stevia from the local suppermarket. Look at your stevia, if you see the work "plus," "FOS," or "Inulin Fiber," the Oligofructose has already been added. The Source and ratio of inulin may be different but just play with it. At first I was adding more Chicolin to my already inulin added stevia!

The Wondercocoa I saw was around $5 and I think that's about what regular unsweetened cocoa is also.

Good Luck,
Kasey's Mom wave3
Hi Kasey's Mom,
Thanks so much for the info, had no idea. My stevia does say "plus". So would I still use the same amount of the stevia alone as the stevia/chicolin mix that the recipe calls for? I read that 1 tsp of stevia/chicolin mixture is equivalent to 1 cup of sugar, would that also apply to the stevia plus I wonder?
Still confused lol,
wave1 Julie,
Plain stevia that's not mixed with inulin can sometimes be bitter. When the plain stevia is mixed with inulin fiber like Chicolin the taste changes and you get the health benefits of the inulin. I've been using the Stevia "Plus" that I already had in my cabinet. The inulin fiber is already added so I don't have to worry about adding the chicolin to the Stevia "Plus." When I make the recipes posted here I just follow the recipes as is, using Stevia "Plus." I like things sweet so sometimes I have to play around with the amounts and add a little more. I'm using my stevia interchangable with recipes that just call for stevia also. I think sometimes people say Stevia and they mean Stevia that already has the inlulin added.

If you purchase the stevia from WA you would also need to get the Chicolin and you would follow the directions on the forum to make your own Stevia "plus" inulin. Smile

Let me know if it still is confusing!

Kasey's Mom wave3
Kasey's Mom,
I pretty sure I get it now. I just wasn't sure if there was any difference in the sweetness of the Stevia Plus and the regular stevia/chicolin mix...but I guess it's equivalent. I'll just keep playing around. Here I've been holding out on making these yummy brownies b/c I didn't have the chicolin...and I didn't even need it. Thanks again! Can't wait to make then, I need a major chocolate fix!
Hi Julie,
Have you tried the brownies yet? When I made them I think I used 1 tsp. of my stevia "plus." Today I picked up a equivalency chart that says 1 cup sugar = 1 1/2-2 Tbsp. of the stevia "plus," that seems like a lot of stevia. You might just have to try it and adjust to your personal tastes. I'm afraid that several Tbsp. might make it bitter but, I just wanted to let you know what I found.

Kasey's Mom wave3
Mmmmm... these sound good! But, is corn starch or arrowroot powder allowed in stage 1? Don't both contain gluten? Is there an alternative?
So far I've done no baking since being on this diet and i now feel ready to try something (i was also overseas and now am home and have way more access to health food stores!).
Hi Meg,
Most of the time arrowroot is often used over corn starch because corn is a common and can be contaminated with mould. Both cornstarch and arrowroot are high in starch. Tari-Lee had a post a while back that said as long as you were using arrowroot as a baking additive it would be fine. Some people substitute tapioca starch but I think the same rules apply. The hardest thing with baking is only eating "1." Yes I do pretty well with baking and freezing, most of the time. Winky

Hope this helps,
Kasey's Mom wave3
Hi Kasey's Mom wave1 ,
I haven't tried them yet. I did try another recipe for Coconut Macaroons. I used the stevia plus that I have. It was really strange how it turned out, not sure if it's normal for stevia. I tried one when they first came out of the oven and they were really good, VERY sweet. As they sat they seemed to get more and more bitter. I took a bite of one the next day and it was awful, coudln't even eat it! Not sure if I did something wrong. Have you had this happen with the stevia?
Hi Julie,
I've been wanting to try the coconut macaroons! I the same thing happen when I made the lemon pie. I posted a message in the recipe topic but didn't get a reply. I'll go ahead and post a message under the diet section. I cooked the filling and it tasted great. When I baked the pie the next day I couldn't eat it, too bitter. I've used the stevia plus in muffin recipes and tea and it has been fine. Unsure
Maybe someone can shed some light. bulbyellow

Kasey's Mom wave3
I was so disappointed b/c they were great right out of the oven. Any time I've used the stevia in tea it's never been bitter. I hope i can figure this out or else next time I'll either have to make a 2 cookie batch, or eat all 20 cookies right out of the oven hehe.
Julie Big Grin
Julie, You're so funny Big Grin
Maybe too much stevia and too much heat makes for a bitter combination. I've tried Sweet Muffins, Choc. Chip Cookies, Zucchini Muffins, Sweet Potato Biscuts, Tia's candy recipe and brownies. These we're all wonderful! We might need to cut back on the stevia and add some glycerin. Do you have any glycerin yet? I LOVE it! banana

Kasey's Mom
I did add veg glycerine. I'm extremely new at this so I haven't tried many recipes yet, next I guess I'll cut back on the stevia and up the glycerine...and go broke baking Eek I'll check out your post in the forum.
Thanks for being so helpful!!
Just wanted to let you know that if you do a search online you should be able to find the glycerine for a very reasonable price. I buy the large bottles (I think they are 16 oz.) for around $5.00 a piece. I just order a lot when I order and that also saves on shipping. I have found that to be a lot cheaper than any of the health food stores in my area. These products are very expensive, but if you do some research you should be able to at least get things reasonably.
Good luck!!

Thanks for the great recipe. It was nice to have a treat! When I made the fudge sauce, I added some rice milk and some arrowroot powder to thicken it up some and it was good that way.

Julie--I tried to find the chicolin and my local food coop and they had no idea what I was talking about. I'm not sure the word has gotten out about these sugar alternatives but, it should. I gave up trying to find it locally and ordered it and my Stevia from this sight and recieved it very quickly. It did not disappoint. I don't know if others feel how I feel but, I have never liked substitutes for my sugar. In times past I've tried all of those nasty chemical creations that supposedly taste like sugar and even if they weren't bad for health I wouldn't want them because they don't taste good. But, here and now, thanks to the good people on this sight, I have found the closest match that I imagine there to be. I've been using it along with the veg. glycerin as suggested and it really is great!!! Big Grin Anyway, all I'm saying is for me it was worth the time and expense of having to get it online.

elephantHappy now,
Julie and Kasey's mom,

I just wanted to add that I don't think all of the stevia out there is the same quality--as has been said on this sight. My first try with stevia was the Stevia Plus and I did not like it in anything I tried. However, I decided to give stevia another try since I read about the huge difference in quality. That's when I ordered the Stevia and Chicolin from this sight and mixed them together. The Bioquest brand was out when I ordered so I got the other brand they have to mix with the chicolin. Maybe if you try the stevia/chicolin mix on this sight you'll see the difference. Hope this helps!!

Sugarfreak...love the name,
Thanks for the advice. I've been using the Stevia Plus I got from my local Whole Foods, it works ok in anything I don't cook, but seems to get so bitter when i bake with it. So, I guess I'll bite the bullet and order from the site.
Thanks again,
Julie wavey2

I haven't tried it, but I think it would work fine. The only time you have to be careful with using ground pumpkin seeds is if you are adding hot water to the recipe - pumpkin seeds thicken up into a batter-like consistency when mixed with hot water (like in that yummy pancake recipe).

Once I can eat almonds again, I plan to use almond flour in place of the sunflower seeds in this recipe because I think it would taste even better.

Hey Blondie--I dont' know if it was you or someone else who asked the same question about another one of Tia's recipes last week sometime--so if I repeat myself I apologize!!

I would definitely treat this as a "better limit," and not something you can got to town on consistently only because cocoa can trigger a binge effect and also contains caffeine.

Tia's recipes are great because she really attempted to take this diet and make delicious things without them being a limit--she's definitely been successful and I can't wait until I'm in my own kitchen again and able to make some of this stuff!

I'm just saying be careful with everything you eat, especially when it's something that has been known to be an allergenic or to give people binges. But this will be an excellent and healthy substitute for any holiday dessert!!


Ashley Winky
I tried this reciepe tonight. They were amazing!! I had to put the rest in the freezer as its so easy to eat the whole pan.Thanks Tia for this creation.

I subsituted Carob for Wondercocoa.Is this ok??I beleive that Carob is caffine free correct??


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