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Hi Tarilee,

I recently read your post on this subject.  I ordered the probiotics about a month ago, had it delivered in South Florida where the temperature and humidity are very high, and UPS trucks are NOT air conditioned.  Unfortunately, there was NO ice pack in my package.  That's the second time that happened.  Please talk to someone who might be in charge at the shipping warehouse about this because I am not feeling too confident right now on the bottle I am using. It is probably ok?  But I'm not 100 % confident.  

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Hi Barbie,


Just in case others have not read that post I'll include the info below. And I'll forward your post to Linda for her comments. She IS the administration and shipping department.


Do you think the product may have been exposed to heat over 120F for over 7 days? Was it in a well stuffed packing box to control temperature?







The manufacturer,UAS Labs, has sent us the following advice regarding the heat stability of their probiotic products.

"UAS Laboratories manufactures the DDS Plus and Probioplus at about twice the guaranteed potency to factor in the following: shipping, storage, shelf life, heat and time out of refrigeration. The DDS Plus Acidophilus and Probioplus are packaged in glass bottles that are nitrogen flushed to ensure a more stable environment. This process allows the Probiotics to be heat stable up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time (up to seven days). The DDS Plus and Probioplus are shelf stable for more than six months at room temperature and 2 years under refrigeration."


Whole Approach ships products with ice packs in summer to be extra sure that the bottle reaches the customer in excellent condition.


Hi there Barbie, and WB,




The UAS products are good for up to six months at room temperature so no worries.




I heard back from Linda. She said that, due to weight increases and the true cold of the ice packs only lasting a few hours, she's not been including ice packs unless requested. Also, faster shipping (air shipping) is available to reduce the time they are on the road in the summer but this is, of course, more expensive.


As a longer lasting method, the vegi-foam 'peanuts' the products are shipped in act as an insulator and provide a fair bit of protection. Apparently your products were in transit just for a couple of days with the method of shipping you requested so Linda is confident that, given the guarantee of twice the potency that they left the warehouse with, they should have lots of potency left. She said to feel free to phone the office if you have further questions.







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