*cranberry macadamia cookies

1/2 cup *butter softened ( or ghee)
1 egg
1 Tablespoon chicolin
1/4 teaspoon stevia
1 Tablespoon *glycerin (optional)
3/4 cup  sweet rice and rice flours mixed
1/2 cup macadamia nut pieces
1/2 cup dried unsweetened cranberries

Mix all ingredients in order of list. Drop in spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 F for 12 minutes.

I like to dry my own cranberries so that they have no sugar added. Here's how you do it. Boil water in a large shallow pan (the more surface area the better). When it's at a rolling boil gently pour in cranberries to cover the surface of the water. Watch them closely for about 2 minutes. You'll hear quiet popping and hissing and see many of them split with a little white line appearing on the berry. When it looks like most of them have split, spoon them out with a slotted spoon and spread them on a cookie sheet. Put sheet in the oven at 200 F but prop the door open for moisture to escape. Dry them this way for about 4 hours or till they are squishy the way you like them. They seem to keep in the refridgerator for a very long time.

Hope you enjoy these cookies. I could hardly keep my hands off 'em.

cranberry cookies


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Yes, I saw the recipe for making my own. But when I'm in a cookie mood, I don't want to wait four hours for cranberries!!! Smile I was just hoping I could buy them somewhere. I spend so much more time in the kitchen than I use to. In addition to eating healthy, this new lifestyle is really teaching me patience - not as much instant gratification when it comes to food! But that is a good thing (at least in my case....)
Maybe I am missing something here but fresh cranberries are in season right now. You can buy them in bags and just toss them in the freezer! Then you can chop them yourself any time and just throw that into your recipes. They last for months in the freezer so stock up!!!
I made some cranberry muffins yesterday and after having no fruit for weeks, they were MAHVELOUS!!!
Cheers to that!! I have them bursting out of my freezer at the moment because this seems to be the only time of the year when you can get organic cran...There's no space for my soup let alone anything else. My mom's going to kill me!

I just made cran muffins too today--delicious!!!

HEE HAW!! Big Grin
I made these last night with some substitutions, and they are so yummy! I left out the veggie glycerine (I don't tolerate it well) and they seem a bit crumbly probably due to that. But I used rice flour instead of the spelt flour, so that could be the cause as well.

Also, I used frozen whole cranberries cut in half - I didn't dry them. Seemed to work fine! I don't have chicolin, so I just added a tad more stevia.
I also used 1/4 cup carob powder and they are rich and "chocolatey." No sugar cravings/rushes either.

Thanks for this recipe. I will keep experimenting and see what I can come up with!
Wow, I just made these--awesome! I never follow a recipe as it's written (it's the rebel in me, I suppose) so I did these without cranberries or nuts and instead added 1/2 t of lemon extract and they are AWESOME. I was worried I might not ever get another cookie again and these fit the bill.
I've been doing this diet since October, but haven't posted until now. I finally decided to make the switch from spending endless amounts of money on doctors who haven't helped me, and so have just started on the products from this site. In any case, I figured I would start contributing a bit, since I have pretty much been existing on recipes from this site, as well as ones I engineered myself as a result of the info and ideas here, for the last 8 months.
I know the dried cranberry question is old, but in case anyone is still looking, I found dried, unsweetened cranberries. I was only able to find them at one store while I was in NY visiting my family, but I'm sure they can probably be found elsewhere with a little searching. They are made by "The Just Tomatoes Company," and they have a web site, but I haven't checked it out yet. The only ingredient is cranberries, and they look different than the usual sweetened ones. They are still round, but dehydrated. The only problem I had was that since they are so light, the first time I baked with them, they floated to the top of the bread and burned. I suppose it would have made more sense to run them through the food processor real quick. The company obviously also has dried tomatoes that are soooo good with hummus, but I can't eat tomatoes anymore.
Also, I use liquid stevia sometimes when I bake, and it works fine. You just have to play around with it to figure out the right amount t use. I think I usually use about a 1/2 tsp, but I'm not sure. I find it has a less bitter taste when I bake with it. Hope this is helpful.

maggie Smile
FYI...I cooked/dried frozen cranberries as suggested, but sprinkled the chicolin/stevia mix on first to give them a sweetened taste.

And, the cranberry water that was left after boiling the berries, I added some chicolin/stevia to that too, and had some very tasty cranberry juice for later.

however, the cookies didn't turn out like I thought they would. They were a little crumbly and the butter ran out of them like crazy. what did I do wrong?

i like the pink color they get though...thanks!
I'm having a lot of trouble with these suddenly in my last two batches.

I live at high altitude, so I've made adjustments to the flours and that helps some, but it seems like there is just too much butter. It just oozes out and I get little cookie puddles. They taste good, they're just flat, thin, and brittle.

Any suggestions from the bakers out there about what additional adjustments I might make? I've considered lowering the amount of butter, but I"m not sure by how much.
i used to make these and really liked them. i don't remember what i used in terms of flour but my bet is that some arrowroot or tapioca might help them bind. the rice flour doesn't bind well but the arrowroot or tapioca starch will make this possible. 1/4 cup would be all that's needed... perhaps even less. just a thought.
It was my first time using sweet rice flour. I gather it's like any other fine starch, so I used a 1:1 ratio of sweet rice to brown rice flour. Maybe it was overkill? I think I'll use the cranberry, carob, macadamia combo in a different cookie because now that I think of it, I never have particularly good luck with rice flour in baked recipes.
Hey, I thought I'd let you know that I just made this recipe with 1/3 cup buckwheat flour, 1/4 rice flour and 1/8 cup of tapioca (in place of the 3/4 cup of flour suggested) and, while delicate, they definitely bound. The other thing is I sometimes grind the macademia nuts in the blender to make them almost like a flour. This might help too!

I find unsweetened frozen cranberries in any natural food store.  If my recipe seems tough, I add a bit of coconut milk.  I also do not put the carob in it.  They are so fresh with the cranberries and I LOVE nuts!  These are wonderful cookies!


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