Course curriculum - E-Course Number One


The first module of our first e-course will be released next Monday August 15th. The topics included in the 13 modules are listed below. 


Learn the basics of a healing diet, helpful for recovery from a broad range of conditions including candida. This fourteen week course present the foundations of a healing diet that can be helpful for recovery from a broad range of conditions. Chapters for this course will be posted every one to two weeks on Mondays.

Tarilee will be available in a live chat room every other Thursday from 11 am till 1 pm PST to answer questions about the materials. The first live chat room will be held on the 18th of August. Stay tuned for instructions for how to access the chatroom.


Module # One  (1.1)

ABC’s of a healing diet - to be posted Monday August 15th

Module # Two (1.2)

High carb consequences and how to transition away from a carb centred diet

 Module # Three (1.3)

Balanced Blood Sugar through Healthy Sweeteners and the Glycemic Index

 Module # Four  (1.4)

Healthy Fats and Oils

 Module # Five (1.5)

Food Combining© for digestive ease

 Module # Six (1.6)

Digestive Health

Module # Seven (1.7)

Soaking and Sprouting Beans and Grains

Module # Eight (1.8)

Healthy Cooking Methods

Module # Nine (1.9)

Why Eat Organic 

Module # Ten (1.10)

Choosing the Best Non Organic Foods

Module # Eleven (1.11)

Healthy and Humane Animal Products 

Module # Twelve (1.12)

Sustainable Seafood  and Fish

Module # Thirteen (1.13)

Pleasant Side Effects of a Healthy Diet

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