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I took six tablespoons of flax seed in one day in three divided doses, still does not seem to help.

What is the least amount of bentonite (measured in drops) that I can take a day and still be enough to help eliminate the candida?

Can I drink plenty of spinach juice daily to help with my constipation problem?

Is organic chicken broth (from a chicken) good to drink?

The extra virgin olive on my salad seems to make me feel drained, affecting the die off possibly. What can I replace it with on my salads?

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Hi there, this post may help you find some options.

For salad dressings, check out the recipe forum. Not sure what to say about olive oil unless you're using a rancid one. Hopefully, a healthy, fresh olive oil would make you feel good...unless you had an intolerance to it. It shouldn't be high enough in oleic acid to cause die off.

Chicken broth, especially bone broth, is excellent and so would organic spinach juice be (in small amounts due to the oxalic acid). Not sure if it will help with constipation. Likely eating whole spinach would be better for that.

Flax and/or psyllium can help lubricate stools but only if taken with a lot of water. Is it possible you're not drinking enough to compensate for the extra fibre?

Are you using the Whole Approach Attogram Psyllium right now?



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