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A Homeopathic Pharmacist told me a year and 4 months ago I probably had candidiasis due to symptoms of itching, fatigue, sinus problems and my antibiotic treatment history. I spent months going to doctors who thought I needed to change detergents or bath soap, but saw no need in testing for Candida. I am now going to a D.O. who has been treating me for candidiasis for the past 5 months. He wants me to undergo IV vitamin and IV hydrogen peroxide treatment. I am not very willing to do this. Is IV treatment such as this a common medical practice with Candida? I have taken Diflucan for about 45 days, I take Acidophilus and Caprilic Acid daily. For the past four months I have been on a strict diet of no sugar or sugar-containing foods and low carbohydrate intake, approximately 30 grams daily. The only fruit I am allowed on this diet are fresh lemons, limes and tomatoes. I only drink water or decaffeinated peppermint herb tea. I can have no corn, carrots, or beets. The only nuts I can have are organic almonds, soy nuts, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. The rest of my diet is very similar to the diet posted on this site. I am confused about the diet posted here since sugar-containing foods such as fruit are included. I should be able to add a sugar or yeast food slowly now, but trying to add sugar in small amounts just makes me realize how much I have missed certain tastes. A little becomes alot. Then I have to tell myself that I just can't eat like I used to anymore. Also, almonds have 6-7 grams of carbohydrates per serving. I could eat almonds all day long but if I've had 2-3 servings of raw almonds or almond butter, within 5-15 minutes I start to itch on my face, the back of my head, around my waist and sometimes my back. This is the original symptom I had before I knew I had Candidiasis, although the problem was 100 times worse. I have had a food allergy test and am not allergic to almonds, nor am I eating anything that came up positive on the FAT. 3 weeks ago I got a sinus infection for which the doctor gave me a Claforan injection. This seemed to strike up the Candida growth again as I noticed within 24 hours that I itched like I did in the beginning. This lasted 4 days and has subsided almost to normal now. It did make me realize how much that aspect had improved. My biggest concern is that I don't feel much better than before I started this treatment. I don't itch as badly of course, but I don't have alot of energy, I still have trouble concentrating and feel like I'm in a fog. Does it seem to you that I'm on the right track with treatment?
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I would not say that IV treatment for Candida is common, but it is not unheard of. I don't have any personal experience with IV treatments.
Our "Diet" page is just a guideline or starting place and will not fit everyone's needs. Under fruit, it says to avoid all fruit for three months and then to reintroduce one at a time and to eat fruit alone. If you have increased symptoms when reintroducing a fruit, it might be wise to wait a few more weeks and then try it again.
I think many have the same problem with reintroducing sugar containing foods to the diet. Once an addict, always an addict. Even after recovery, I think it's best to avoid sugar except on special occasions for that reason. After sticking to the diet, I found fruits to be so much more enjoyable. Most of the time, I can be satisfied with fruit when I "need" something sweet. Once you recover, you will not have the same cravings for sugar.
In my experience, it's best to eat a wide variety of foods on a four day rotation. Many people with CRC will also be sensitive to individual foods, additives and preservatives (even though it may not show up in allergy testing). Rotating your foods is especially important during the early weeks and months of the CRC treatment program when the body is weakest and there is a greater chance of developing food allergies. In addition, if food sensitivities are present but unidentified, a rotation diet can help in identifying them and aid in your recovery. If you feel that almonds are causing a problem you may want to eliminate them for a period of time and then reintroduce them on the four day rotation. If you need help with planning a four day rotation diet, I highly recommend "Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy" by Sondra Lewis (available on our site).
Many people have found relief using the program described on this site, myself included! My story is outlined on "One Woman's Experience".
Best wishes!
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